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• 10/5/2018

Alisa Reinford

I saw a glimpse of the true ending in Trails of cold steel 4 which was incredible because everyone was brought back but the game insists in having Alisa marry Rean then what is the use in having those scenes, and picking someone else other than Alisa because I like Alisa but I want someone else for the job.

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• 10/10/2018

its to fulfill fan's needs.

• 10/10/2018

which is very similar to how Ao No Kiseki is, we all knew Elie MacDowell is main heroine anyways. But you can still choose Rixia Mao or Noel Seeker as your waifu too.

• 10/21/2018

In Ao, however, they didn't make it a habit to push Lloyd x Elie scenes all throughout the game. The other girls had a fair chance because of it. Compared to Ao, it was like in CS, the developers were saying, "Alisa's going to win Rean in the end. We're giving you the option to choose whoever you want but Alisa's still going to win so don't get your hopes up (unless your an Alisa fan already)".

• 10/22/2018

thats the meme. Looking at Sen 4, you can clearly see how close Elie and Lloyd tho, heavily implying that he chose Elie at the end of Ao. The heavy impliance is falcom's meme now.

But im pretty sure the main reason they are shoving the pair is for future Kiseki series. We all know returning characters are inevitable. So just like what we see in Crossbell arc character returning to Sen4, Lloyd is still closest with main SSS members instead of additional SSS members. Even Renne made a joke about both of them in Sen 4. Alisa is literally RF company's heir, and the company, by even end of Sen 4, is literally the strongest business company in entire Zemuria. Its inevitable that we will see her again, and accompanying her should be a powerful man at equal status. This is like seeing how Arios is so famous all over the Zemurian continent.

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