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• 10/15/2018

Fantastic final bonding scenes for the 4th part of Trails of Cold Steel 4

I saw in Youtube the bonding scenes for the last part of the series before you fight at the end, and I am so happy, and they realistically portray the feelings for all the girls that love him.

I thought that Alisa was set for him as the canon pairing but I am shocked in what I saw in the choice given to the players because Laura is now a intimate relationship because he kissed her with passion along with Sarah, and Fie was included as well including Emma.

The other girls were very Romantic but he never kissed them meaning that these girls were at the same level as Alisa when you kiss it means that you want the relationship to become intimate.

The candidates to replace Alisa as the choice for Rean are Emma, Laura, and Fie, and Sarah since he considers them women that are truly fit for him, and the actual event that he kissed them.

The kissing part is important because it signifies intent in feelings and passion he only did to Alisa in the first two parts of the series but it seems that these ladies caught to Alisa.

The sister of Rean was given a tight hug and embrace, and the others as well but it never got passed to the intimate stage where as the others became intimate.

This is a fan is fantastic where you can find such Romantic scenes they outdid themselves on that bonding scenes it was set on a cliff, and they were shooting fireworks at night.

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• 10/21/2018

Out of curiosity, I'll watch the others (when they get localized) lol, but for me, the true woman to Rean was always Emma.

• 10/22/2018

I think I did said it before, its to fulfill fan's needs. The scene for all the other girls except the little sisters are all nicely done.

You are free to choose who you still wants. It works similarly to Zero/Ao.

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