The 3rd Armored Division (第三機甲師団), is stationed at the Zender Gate and commanded by Lieutenant General Zechs Vander.


The division was originally stationed in the Sutherland Province to guard the border with Liberl, but after disobeying Chancellor Giliath Osborne's order during the Orbal Shutdown Phenomenon, the division was relocated to the Zender Gate in the utmost northern part of Erebonia on the border with Nord Highlands.


The division unit consists of the following (named) members:

  • Lieutenant General Zechs Vander
  • Major Lyell
  • Sergeant Ogram
  • Mechanic Dion
  • Warrant Officer Samary
  • Private Sarjes
  • Private Bolt
  • Private Halt
  • Private Marsh
  • Private Roan, passed away during the attack on the watchtower.
  • Private Zats, transferred from the watchtower
  • Private Manning, transferred from watchtower to old model tank pilot
  • Private Hoover, promoted to Tank Officer of the 1st Armored Division in Trails of Cold Steel II.
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