The 4th Armored Division (第四機甲師団) is commanded by Lieutenant General Olaf Craig and Major Neithardt.

It is said that the 4th armored division has the rawest firepower among all units in the Imperial army.


The division unit consists of the following (named) members:

  • Lieutenant General Olaf Craig
  • Sergeant Major Emmans
  • Major Neithardt
  • Captain Kissling
  • Captain Gaul
  • 2nd Lieutenant Loke
  • Private Brocken
  • Private Marwahl
  • Private Knocker
  • Private Serafi, transferred from the 5th Armored Division during the Erebonian Civil War
  • Tank Officer Virginie
  • Warrant Officer Arbekker


  • A few of the members' names are words in the German language, namely Gaul (horse), Brocken (boulder, hunk) and Marwahl (Wahl means "choice" or "election").
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