AZOTH, the Third Causalities Describing Engine (第03因果律記述機関AZOTH), is an artifact system that records cause and effects. Thus far its only known application has been the Black Records.

AZOTH being referred to as the third engine implies there are at least two more like it.


Around the time of the Great Collapse, Adjudicator Arnor activates AZOTH and starts its recording of events in Erebonia. It would do so for 1206 years until registering what it believed to be the end of the world. The system terminates its task, stopping its recording before the end of the World War. The system describes, but is unable to take into consideration the illogical nature of humanity.

Its identity as the author of the Black Records would not be described until the thirteenth and final volume, which would fall into the hands of Marcel Nielsen and through Thomas Lysander's translation end up with Rean Schwarzer.


  • In alchemy, Azoth (al-zā'būq, "the mercury") symbolises the universal. The A and Z in Azoth relate to the Greek 'alpha' and 'omega', the beginning and end of all things.

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