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Aaron Wei (アーロン・ウェイ) is a martial artist from Calvard's Eastern Quarter, introduced in Kuro no Kiseki.



Aaron is a young man with striking yellow eyes and bright crimson hair of considerable length, tied up in a single pony tail reaching his waist. He wears a loosely buttoned black shirt with the collar upturned, red trousers with a series of paired belts and black shoes with a scale embellishment. Aaron wears a cropped off-white jacket with a gold trim and ornate scale patterns on the white section and a red version along the hem. Golden cords are used throughout his outfit, including one around his waist acting as a belt accessory.

Aaron is armed with two twin fencers, ornate thin straight edged sword with scale patterns along the fullers. One of these fencers has a red gem in its pommel whereas the other has a blue.


Aaron is a playboy who had made a name for himself as a philanderer in the Eastern Quarter, and the leader of the hot-blooded youth.

While being a master of sword and fist of the Moon Flower Style[JP 1], one of three major martial art styles, he never stops attracting the attention of others with other feats such as earning heaps of money at a casino and performing sword dances in Eastern theatre as a female role. Because of his extravagant behavior, he earned the nicknames Prodigy[JP 2] and Young Emperor of Luo Zhou.[JP 3]

There are movements to appoint him as an executive in Heiyue, but he himself does not seem to have much interest in the organization.[1]



Japanese terms

  1. Japanese: 月華流
  2. Japanese: 麒麟児
  3. Japanese: 羅州の小覇王