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Ada Grant (エイダ・グラント) is a student at Thors Military Academy's Class I ('06-'08).


Ada is a proud student who enrolled at Thors Military Academy alongside Crown Prince Cedric Reise Arnor. She is a seriously hardworking person and reached second place behind Cedric in the combined periodic examination of the main and branch campus.[1]

She initially looked on New Class VII with hostility, but once she became more familiar with the group she considered them her rivals. Following the events of the Great Twilight, Ada lost sight of her reasons to fight. After the battle against united Class VII at the Thors Branch Campus, she went separate ways from Cedric.

When the main and branch campus form a joint battlefront during the Twilight's finale, the students were tasked with gathering materials for medicines. Ada was teamed up with branch campus student Sidney. Their search for a Bear Claw was interrupted when a large flock of monsters surrounded them. With the unexpected help from Class VII, Ada succeeded in routing the monsters.

Ada initially disdained Sidney, seeing him as nothing but a frivolous guy. Her opinion of him changed during the joint battlefront, when he did his best to protect her and when his knowledge helped them in locating the Bear Claw. However, she had to disappoint Sidney when he finally found out about her relationship with her fellow classmate, Fritz Geithner.

Character Note

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Ada Grant
Ada Grant Note (Sen IV).png
Thors Military Academy
A serious, hardworking student from Thors. She's allied herself with Prince Cedric and stands against Juna and her friends.
Since the Gral, Ada has lost sight of what she's fighting for, but her battle with Class VII seems to have given her the answer.
Main Campus Pride
With war mere hours away, the students are ready to face whatever comes. Now, Ada just hopes the others make it back safe.

Ada Grant Note (Sen IV).png


Trails of Cold Steel III


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