Adjudicator Arnor (調停者アルノール) is the founder of Erebonia and its first emperor.


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Following the Great Collapse, the continent of Zemuria was plunged into an era defined by deterioration of all modes of life. In the land of Erebos, the people suffered from distress and poverty. They longed for a lasting and leader. Adjudicator Arnor, recognised by the Holy Beasts Roselia and Argres as unaffiliated with either Kinship of the Blaze and Kinship of the Earth, was elected and set up in the position as emperor. Hereditary succession guaranteed Arnor's descendants would continue to rule. Septian Church missionaries would acknowledge the legitimacy the Arnors under the reign of Adjudicator Arnor's grandson, Sion Arnor.

Adjudicator Arnor had access to the causality describing engine AZOTH, which he activated immediately after the Great Collapse and would record his empire's events for the 1206 years to come.

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