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Agnès Claudel (アニエス・クローデル) is a first-year student at Aramis High School in Edith, Calvard. She was first introduced in Trails into Reverie and made a proper appearance in Kuro no Kiseki.



Agnès is a young woman with light blue eyes and beautiful long blond hair, tied with braids, black ribbon and reaching her waist. She wears a cream coloured coat fastened with a thick leather belt under her bust and a smaller one on her arm. Beneath this, she wears a coral coloured long turtle-necked jumper with a black lining and small pendant around her neck. Agnès also wears black tights, brown thigh high leather boots and a crimson beret.

Agnès uses an orbal staff in battle. it has a collapsible functionality, allowing it to be stored away easily. The top of the staff has a staff gem-like installation as well as a large silver hoop.


Agnès is a girl with a neat and gentle atmosphere, but great willpower behind her cool eyes. Agnes also doesn't like when people are being bullied, such as when Ronar Griffith was harassing Renne Bright in Trails into Reverie and Agnes stood up to him for her.

She takes an orbal staff self-defense course as an elective at her school, and is also a member of the student council. While working alongside her close friends, she strives everyday in the General Affairs department.

Upon learning that someone stole the orbment left to her by her great-grandfather, who passed away due to certain circumstances, Agnès avoided consulting the police and Bracer Guild for some reason, and instead put in a request at Arkride Solutions Office.[1]