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The Ahnenburg (アーネンベルク) is a wall surrounding the Grancel region in Liberl.


Pre-Collapse purpose

Main article: The Sealing Mechanism

The Ahnenburg Wall was built before the foundation of the Liberl Kingdom in Zemuria. In their attempt to seal away the Aureole, the ancient Zemurian civilisation that originally gathered around it built the Ahnenburg to have its inner walls point toward the Aureole to reflect and guide the light that would be fired from the facility.

Historic site

With the Aureole sealed and the Liberl Kingdom established, the original purpose of the Ahnenburg Wall became lost in time. Modern-day citizens of Liberl are unsure when the Ahnenburg was built exactly and is often estimated at a thousand years old, putting the construction date at c. S.200. Nonetheless, the Ahnenburg is regarded as one of the oldest buildings in Zemuria.

In an ancient verse, the City of Grancel is described as a pearl surrounded by the oyster shell known as the Ahnenburg.

The ruins of Ahnenburg were later re-puposed by the Royal Army to install checkpoints between Grancel and its surrounding regions. Both the Gurune Gate, the checkpoint between Grancel and Rolent, and Sanktheim Gate, the checkpoint between Grancel and Zeiss, make use of the Ahnenburg Castle's original buildings and interior.

Students are often sent to the site to study its ruins.

Zechs vs

Unused visual from Trails in the Sky The 3rd, demonstrating the crucial defensive role of the Ahnenburg during the Hundred Days War where Alan Richard attempts to stop the Imperial Army unit under command of Zechs Vander.

Hundred Days War

Main article: Hundred Days War

The Ahnenburg Wall played a crucial role in the defense of Liberl during the Hundred Days War. The invading Imperial Army of Erebonia swiftly managed to invade and occupy the Bose, Ruan, Zeiss and Rolent regions. The fifth region, Grancel and the royal capital of City of Grancel, were inaccessible thanks to the Ahnenburg Wall.

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