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Aidios (stained glass)

The depiction of Aidios on stained glass in church buildings in Trails of Cold Steel I and II

Aidios (女神(エイドス)), also known as the Goddess of the Sky ((そら)女神(めがみ)), is the central figure of the Septian Church.


Aidios has had loyal followers ever since she bestowed the seven celestial treasures known as the Sept-Terrion on humanity, which was prior to both the Great Collapse and the founding of the Septian Church as an institutionalised religion.

Aidios charged the Holy Beasts with protecting the Sept-Terrions and with watching over and protecting humanity. However, Aidios made the Holy Beasts take an oath to not directly interfere with humanity's conflicts until the "Appointed Time". As such, Holy Beasts like Ragnard were unable to assist humanity until the Sept-Terrion they guarded was taken by someone else or the Sept-Terrion itself vanished from the world altogether.

Worship of Aidios is still relatively new in Erebonia, which for many years practiced Animism. Worship of Aidios does not necessarily conflict with animism and, in some cases, animistic practices have been incorporated into the teachings of the Septian Church.[1]

In Zemuria's Middle East region, Aidios is referred to as Arusha and known as the Winged Goddess (翼の女神(アルーシャ)) but there are some differences in the faith. Various creatures such as Verethragna and Galva-Halcon are believed to be the servants of Arusha. Among the Khurga, a festival is held each year to thank the Goddess for her guidance and wish for blessings for the new year. A girl is chosen each year to lead the ceremony by singing the Song of Flames.

Aidios has a third moniker in the Far East where she is known as the Heavenly Mother (天上聖母(てんじょうせいぼ)). Relatively little is known about this interpretation of the faith.