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Aina Holden (アイナ・ホールデン) is the receptionist at Rolent's Bracer Guild.


Aina is the receptionist at Rolent's Bracer Guild. She is friends with Scherazard Harvey and appears to have a terrifying alcohol tolerance level.


From what can be seen of her, Aina has a kind yet strict personality.


Trails in the Sky FC

A Father's Love, A New Beginning

Aina first appears when Joshua and Estelle Bright come in for their Bracer Exam. She gives them their Bracer Notebooks and registers them with the Rolent Branch when they pass the exam.

As Estelle and Joshua are about to head for home, Aina comes and asks them for help because 2 boys (Luke and Pat) had gone missing and that they were apparently headed for Esmelas Tower. She then stays behind and alerts Cassius Bright to the incident as well.

Disappearance of the Linde

After the incident with the missing boys is over and Cassius leaves for Bose, Aina can be seen in the Bracer Guild and can be used to report the completion of quests in both the Prologue chapter and Chapter 1. She also gives quests out to Estelle and Joshua.

When Estelle, Joshua and Schera successfully retrieve the stolen Sepith ore from the Capua family, Aina gives Estelle and Joshua their first recommendation and informs them that they have to travel to all of the other branches and receive their recommendations to become a Senior Bracer.

Turmoil in the Royal City 

After Estelle and Joshua leave for Bose, she is not seen or heard from in the game again. But, Aina is mentioned several times throughout the story when Olivier Lenheim and Scherazard Harvey become party members again in the final chapter.

Trails in the Sky SC

A Maiden's Resolve

Aina is first seen in Prologue of Trails in the Sky SC, when Estelle comes into Bracer Guild after having run away from Grancel Castle because of Joshua's disappearing. She worriedly asks Estelle what she is doing here and realizes something is up when Estelle starts acting weird. She then asks Father Kevin Graham to watch over and take care of Estelle.


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