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Aion Type-β (アイオーンTYPE‐β) is the singular final prototype of the Gordias-class tactical archaism. It was developed by Ouroboros' Thirteen Factories under supervision of the Sixth Anguis, Dr. F. Novartis. It was bought by Dieter Crois.


The Aion series was developed by Doctor Novartis as successors to Pater-Mater. Joerg Rosenberg objected to their creation much as he had to the development of Pater-Mater after Novartis took control of the project from him.


The Type-β is designated as an air-superiority unit with exceptional speed and mobility. It is capable of transforming into a flight form designated Wingcalibur and the particles emitted from its eight thruster wings can be used offensively in hit and run attacks. It also has a special system enabling it to accept power from an external source, specifically Azure Demiourgos.

Type-β is armed with a beam cannon it can deploy in Wingcalibur mode and a powerful scattering cannon whose multiple beams can be bent to strike multiple targets simultaneously, from unexpected angles. This arsenal is supplemented with grenades and mines meant to hamper opponents and its clawed hands double as melee weapons.

Defensively, the Type-β is equipped with optical camouflage and ionizing chaff which enable it to evade orbal radar detection and visual observation with equal ease.


The Type-β along with its brother units were deployed in Crossbell on October 24, S.1204 pursuant to a deal between Dieter Crois and Ouroboros.

The Type-β was dispatched to destroy the [403rd Area Division sent by Calvard to occupy Crossbell. It destroyed the attacking airships using its own propulsion system as a weapon, then destroyed the ground forces with its photon cannon.

Type-β patrolled the airspace of Crossbell State, preventing any additional forces from approaching. The Merkabah operated by Kevin Graham distracted it, allowing Wazy Hemisphere's own Merkabah to infiltrate Crossbell's airspace. During the liberation of Crossbell City, the Aion and Kevin's Merkabah once again engaged in a running battle in the skies. Type-β was a dangerous opponent owing to the supplemental power it received from Azure Demiourgos and Kevin was forced to activate the dangerous Mode-S in order to destroy it.


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