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Aion Type-γ (アイオーンTYPE‐γ) is the singular final prototype of the Gordias-class tactical archaism. It was developed by Ouroboros' Thirteen Factories under supervision of the Sixth Anguis, Dr. F. Novartis. It was bought by Dieter Crois.


The Aion series was developed by Doctor Novartis as successors to Pater-Mater. Joerg Rosenberg objected to their creation much as he had to the development of Pater-Mater after Novartis took control of the project from him.


The Type-γ is designated as a Superdreadnought-class machine designed for anti-fortress and regional-defense operations.

Among the Aions, it is the most similar to Pater-Mater and is intended to be its successor unit. Its high power output enables it to engage and destroy large numbers of enemies simultaneously. It also has a special system enabling it to accept power from an external source, specifically Azure Demiourgos.

For defenisve purposes, the machine is equipped with a forward-facing electromagnetic barrier capable of blocking both ranged and melee attacks, rendering it virtually impervious to a head-on attack. Offensively, the Type-γ carries powerful claw hands equipped with integrated beam guns, rapid-fire missile launchers and a set of pilebankers capable of destroying tanks with a single blow.

However, the centerpiece of its weaponry is an enhanced version of Pater-Mater's Double Buster Cannon. The Aion adopts a shooting configuration in order to use this weapons, much like Pater-Mater.


The Type-α along with its brother units were deployed in Crossbell on October 24, S.1204 pursuant to a deal between Dieter Crois and Ouroboros.

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The Type-γ was dispatched to destroy the 32nd Armored Division sent by Erebonia to occupy the city and completely annihilated the attacking tanks with its powerful arsenal. The Type-γ remained active and continued to protect Crossbell's borders over the following month.

During the liberation of Crossbell City, it deployed to attack a CGF unit supporting the resistance, where it was then met by Estelle and Joshua Bright and Renne along with Pater-Mater. The two Gordias machines engaged in a fierce battle but the newer Type-γ with its infinite power supply proved unbeatable. Pater-Mater was forced to grapple the Type-γ and activate its self-destruct system in order to protect Renne, resulting in the destruction of both machines.