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Air-Letten (エア=レッテン関所(せきしょ)) is a guarded checkpoint between the regions Ruan and Zeiss in Liberl. It connects the New Ansel Path in Grancel to the Kaldia Tunnel in Zeiss. Air-Letten is situated 170 selge southeast of the City of Ruan.

In Trails in the Sky SC, a fishing spot is added to Air-Letten.


The Air-Letten checkpoint is situated in a stone structure that was originally built during the Middle Ages. It was designed to let water flow from Valleria Lakeshore to the Azelia Bay through the man-made Lhotse Waterway (ローツェ水道(すいどう)). The present-day waterfalls are the result of the ruins' erosion.

The waterfalls are a popular attraction for tourists.






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