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Air-Letten (エア=レッテン関所(せきしょ)) is a guarded checkpoint between the regions Ruan and Zeiss in Liberl. It connects the New Ansel Path in Grancel to the Kaldia Tunnel in Zeiss.


Air-Letten is situated 170 selge southeast of the City of Ruan.

The Air-Letten checkpoint is situated in a stone structure that was originally built during the Middle Ages. It was designed to let water flow from Valleria Lakeshore to the Azelia Bay through the man-made Lhotse Waterway (ローツェ水道(すいどう)). The present-day waterfalls are the result of the ruins' erosion.

The waterfalls are a popular attraction for tourists.

Trails in the Sky FC and SC

Estelle and Joshua Bright travel through Air-letten on their journey around Liberl. Notable events that took place here include granting a request to help convince Dunan von Auslese to leave after he starting causing an annoyance by renting out the rooms for himself. It is also where Renne is met with her 'parents' for the first time, touring the checkpoint and making acquaintances.

In Trails in the Sky SC, a fishing spot is added to Air-Letten.