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Alan (アラン) is an officer in the Imperial Army of Erebonia. He graduated from Thors Military Academy in the spring of S.1206.


Alan was born in the same town as Bridget. They went to the same Sunday School until Bridget had to move away. They would not be able to see each other until they both enrolled at Thors Military Academy in March S.1204. Alan was assigned to Class IV for commoners. He signed up for the Fencing Club.

In June S.1204, Alan and Patrick T. Hyarms faced off with a fencing match. Patrick continuously emphasised he was holding back and still won from Alan. Losing the match crushed Alan's confidence. He rapidly develops a disgust for nobles and treats even nobles that try to help them, such as Rean Schwarzer, with condescension.

As Rean grows closer to him, Alan reveals the origin of his disgust for nobles. His frustrations also tie-in with Bridget, a first year of Class II for nobles. He considers her good at everything he fails at. His 'disgust', however, was actually the result of his failed attempts to have her notice him. After he apologises for taking out his aggression on her, the two grow steadily closer.

After the outbreak of the Erebonian Civil War, Alan escaped from Trista with Bridget but lost contact with her along the way. He instead teams up with fellow Fencing Club member Loggins and camps at the East Trista Highway to find a leak in the information network Noble Alliance to find a way back into Trista. After Class VII helps them out, they board the Courageous where Alan assumes the role of gunnery officer. Bridget will not board the Courageous until Alan is on board.

His long-awaited reunion with Bridget helps him to confess his feelings for her. He promises that nothing would ever get between them and that he will always protect her.

Character Notes

Trails of Cold Steel

Alan Note (Sen) Year 1 Class IV Fencing Club
A very competitive and stubborn boy. Spends his days training in pursuit of strength.

The reason he avoided Bridget was that he didn't want her to see him at less than his best.

Trails of Cold Steel II

Alan Note (Sen) Year 1 Class IV Fencing Club
A stubborn, competitive first-year boy. Seems to have feelings for Bridget, whom he's known since Sunday School.

Inspired by Loggins' words, he resolves to find Bridget himself.

Gunnery Officer

Despite being worried out of his mind or Bridget, he resolves to become the ship's gunnery officer.

For Her

He is determined to become stronger than ever in order to protect Bridget, his new girlfriend.

Trails of Cold Steel III

Warrant Officer Alan
Alan Note (Sen III)
4th Armored Division
Rean's old schoolmate and now part of the Imperial Army's 4th Armored Division. An aide to Lieutenant Colonel Neithardt.
Bridget's Fiance
Now engaged to his childhood friend, Bridget. They plan to visit date spots together during the Summer Festival.
Delivered a message from Neithardt and General Craig about the army's movements and the orders to suspend the bracer guilds.

Alan Note (Sen III)


Name Effect Class Cast Cost Acquire
Craft (Sen Skill) Piercing Strike
Attack - One - Delay+30
Thrusts sword forwards, piercing a foe.
B 25 CP Initial
Craft (Sen Skill) Soaring Bird
Attack (Set) - Line (S) - SPD-25%
Releases a bird-shaped shock wave.
C 30 CP Initial


Trails of Cold Steel III

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