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Albert (アルベール) is a character first seen in Trails into Reverie and properly introduced in Kuro no Kiseki.



Albert is a teenage boy with reddish-brown hair and bright blue eyes. He wears the standard male uniform for students of Aramis High School, consisting of a white shirt, chequered red neck-tie, sea-green blazer and black Tartan trousers. He also wears smart brown shoes with a metal clasp.


Albert is a well-mannered young man who is also very good at his studies and sports. He secretly admires Agnes Claudel and sometimes spends time with her. He tends to become hostile around Van Arkride.


Albert is a first-year student of the prestigious Aramis High School and serves as the accountant of the student council. He has been friends with Agnés since the later years of Sunday School.[1]

Albert was first seen alongside the student council in Trails into Reverie when Renne Bright became the student council president for Aramis.




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