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Prince Albert von Bartholomeus (アルバート・フォン・バルトロメウス大公) is the current ruler of Remiferia.



Albert is a tall middle-aged man with dark blonde hair which is spiked, brown eyes and a well trimmed beard. he is always seen in his ceremonial suit suit with its golden hem and golden epaulettes, together with a white shirt and red tie.


Despite being the reigning official of his country, Albert is both humble and likes to get his boots on the ground, helping out ordinary citizenry wherever he gets the chance, despite concerns for his safety. He is very reasonable and co-operative with other nations, and it is under his direction that Remiferian medical technology and research can benefit so many around the continent.


Prince Albert assumed the throne as monarch of Remiferia in S.1199.

Trails to Azure

Albert attended the the West Zemuria Trade Conference as the representative of Remiferia. he is amicable to Crosbell's desires for more sovereignty but can do little against the influence larger nations like Erebonia or Calvard have.

For an informal meeting in Crossbell, Albert contacted the Crossbell branch to request Arios MacLaine as his body guard. The SSS meet him at St. Ursula Medical College where his own medical expertise allows him to diagnose a patient and know exactly which herb is needed for a remedy. With little time to spare, he asks the SSS to accompany him into the wild to find the herb, as he will be the fastest at identifying it by sight. They are successful in doing so and they bring the herb back.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Albert is amongst the representatives from other countries that come onboard the Pantagruel for the multi-national discussion and planning for Operation Mille Mirage. he is accompanied by Lucy Seiland and some other bodyguards. He has the chance to greet the students of Thors Military Academy, including Rean who he talks with. He offers his regrets that he could not help his allies North Ambria during the Northern War but thanks Rean for saving as many lives as possible. Grace Lynn pressure him on the events that have happened in the Principality of late, but he says he has already spoken to the Ardent Press at length. He also speaks to the SSS and Musse Egret, whose father he used to know while also mentioning his Niece when Musse brought it up.

Following the meeting, Albert returned to Remiferia to prepare for the Great War. A few minutes before the war began, Albert was one of the people that received footage regarding the war from Jona Sacred and prepared to watch it.


  • The word "von" means "of" or "from" in German, and when it's used as part of a family name like in this case, it usually denotes nobility in a person's lineage.