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Alchemy (錬金術) was a tradition practiced primarily within Crossbell.


Demiourgos wishing herself out of existence.


After losing the Sept-Terrion of Mirage, the faction that once gathered around Demiourgos were afraid, sad and bewildered. Without looking back at what caused the demise of Demiourgos, they were set on re-creating an equivalent of the treasure they had lost.

With their knowledge of technology gone, the initial attempts during the Dark Ages were futile. Following the Great Collapse, they gathered knowledge for several decades until they ultimately decided on alchemy, the art to create something out of nothing. Alchemy was considered a heretic art.

The Crois Family founded the D∴G Cult in c. S.700 for their Azure-Zero Project.

Five-century plan

Main article: Azure-Zero Project

To achieve their goal, the alchemists created a 500-years plan to create the Sept-Terrion of Zero. They created a homunculus, which would serve as the "core" of their man-made Sept-Terrion, which would have to be nurtured over the next five centuries. In order to do so, they entrusted their core to the then-newly established D∴G Cult.

While the Cult dedicated its existence to nurturing the core with the knowledge required for its awakening, the leading alchemist family themselves, the Crois Family, resorted to banking to amass funds required to bring their plan to fruition in circa S.900.

List of creations


Weapons & Armour

  • Dark Impulse, magic wand created during the Middle Ages.
  • Avesta, bracers emitting a faint light created during the Middle Ages.
  • Evil Guard, breastplate created during the Middle Ages depicting a groteque monster.
  • The staff used by Joachim Guenter at the end of Zero no Kiseki, which he claims surpasses the possibilities of artifacts, capable of summoning the archaisms Regna Aguel also created through the means of alchemy.


Throughout the series, several monsters created by the alchemists can be found.

  • Living Shield, Living Armor, Living Axe
  • Gold Statue, capacle of recognising and impeding casting.
  • Sorcer Kong, unsightly primate monster with claws causing various effects.
  • Spiral Clotho, guardian golem created during the Middle Ages.
  • Titania T, byproduct of a forbidden alchemist transmutation, possessing enigmatic strength (Titania T) or the power to wrap space (Titania W)
  • Grey Doll, a magic knight created by the first alchemists.
  • Brainwalker, a grotesque being created during the Middle Ages.
  • Basilisk, created during the Middle Ages.
  • Frag Trooper, an iron golem capable of summoning iron walls created in the modern age.
  • Golden Basilisk, lifeform created during the Middle Ages using ore as its base materials.

Living remains of alchemists that were drawn into the afterlife show up as a monster called Ancient Synapse, capable of casting high-level arts with their broken hearts.