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Alexandre (アレクサンドル) is an Almata executive member introduced in Trails through Daybreak.



Alexandre is a tall man with brown eyes and brown hair, of which the sides are cropped short and the top swept back in blonde. He wears a blue tank top over polar camouflage pants and cobalt boots. Two black pouches are strapped to either side of his waist and a metal neck armor piece is attached to his top. A tattoo is visible on his left arm resembling a stylised 'G' or '6'. Alexandre is armed with two mechanized gauntlets. They resemble the tail blades of a plane with red segments and a textured front metal band.


Although he may seem quiet and calm, when it comes to battle, he quickly loses control and rampages with his two large gauntlet arms. Alexandre is a death-seeker, seeing no real worth in what his life has become and only acting in the interests are of finding a suitable place to meet his end.


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Alexandre was born in North Ambria. He was 5 years old when the Salt Pale disaster occurred. He accompanied his father, the guardian of Prince Balmund, to the free city area of Taslem, where Alexandre spent this childhood and teenage years. His father trained him in the military arts of the principality's tradition. He continued to support Balmund abroad until 25.[1]

When the commander of the Northern Jaegers died,[Note 1] Balmund ordered his guardian and Alexandre to recapture his homeland. They raided Haliask and effectively took control until the Northern Jaegers launched a counter-offensive. Prince Balmund was outraged and ordered a massacre of North Ambrian citizens in order to cover their escape, which led to a duel between Alexandre and his father. Alexandre survived and left the front line. Shortly thereafter, Balmund was arrested and his whereabouts unknown (presumably executed by the Northern Jaegers).[1]

Alexandre, haunted by the death of his father and now looking for an appropriate place to die, tagged along with several Jaeger corps for a time before he was scouted by Gerard Dantès and recruited as one of the executives of Almata who promised him a perfect place to die.[1]

His gauntlets appear to be a weapon manufactured by Zecht Arms yet not part of their official line-up.[1]

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Trails through Daybreak[]

Alexandre along with Viola head up Almata's operations in Langport. They had formed a pseudo-deal with Gien Lu to unleash the reincarnation of the demon known as the Tyrant in Aaron Wei, using a turf war between Heiyue and Almata as a pretext. Alexandre and Viola make sporadic appearances, first revealing themselves to the party when they murder collaborators that had fulfilled their purpose and were no longer of use. They are revealed to have been involved the in the slaughter of Aaron's gang members as well. He cautions the party to flee the city while they can, and that Aaron should continue to hold onto his rage for the next time they meet.

Alexandre and Viola are tracked down at the Heilong Cheng Zhai. He wasn't expecting to be found early but engages in a brief conversation with van about the origins and usage of their weapons. He, along with Viola challenge the party to a fight. After the fight, Alexandre explains some of the backstory of the Tyrant and Aaron's relevance. His next plan is to use the Tyrant to destroy Langport and finish off any surviving Heiyue elders, despite the Tyrant's advances on the pair of them. Later, Melchior makes sarcastic comments about their successes, to which Alexandre dismisses as he just views himself as someone who died long ago and need now only follow orders. He notes Melchior has called in two more individuals as strong as an army each.

Alexandre mainly acts behind the scenes in the following chapters, appearing on the airship reinforcing Almata in Tharbad and then unleashing archaisms in Basel. His next prominent appearance is as the manager of the second phase in the Carnival, Almata's death game, in Oración. He comments that he finds himself tied to Aaron's fate and has no reason not to fight now that he has such a grand place to die in. Alexandre explains his past, having killed his father and betrayed the lord who he was pledged to serve. A fight begins with Alexandre using a drug boost but ultimately being defeated. He requests death but Aaron doesn't feel like executing him. In a split second decision, Van chooses whether to finish him off or step in at the risk of getting injured, with the former resulting in Alexandre's death. Should he survive, he will be taken into custody by either Heiyue or the Bracer Guild.

Alexandre returns to face the party in Genesis Tower, having been whisked away from imprisonment or restored to life through the power of the Seventh Genesis. Seeing himself as a walking corpse and still seeing no meaning in continuing his life, he asks the party to indulge his selfish request of facing them once again. He fights the party alongside Arioch but is once again defeated. He tries to goad Aaron into taking the opportunity for revenge which Aaron doesn't act on. Alexandre comments that he wishes the young men of North Ambria had the same restraint and wonders how they are doing before collapsing, and possibly disappearing depending on whether or not he was already dead.




  1. If Alexandre is 35 years old in Trails through Daybreak, which takes place in S.1208, he was 25 years old in S.1198. This also happens to be the year Northern Jaegers commander and founder Colonel Valestein died.


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