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Almata (アルマータ) is a mafia organisation operating in Calvard. They serve as the main antagonists of Kuro no Kiseki.


Almata was once an unremarkable, mid-sized mafia based in Calvard's Eastern Quarter. However, Almata's prominence in the region's underworld would rise under the leadership of Enrique, a former arms dealer who launched a successful drug smuggling business for the mafia. This precipitated a bloody turf war between Almata and an older and more well-established local crime syndicate led by a man named Won. This turf war remained in a stalemate for over a decade, and the violence took a toll on both Almata and Won's syndicate. As such, the two rival factions would occasionally resolve their disputes using less violent means, such as gambling matches.

This all changed once Gerard Dantes had risen through the ranks of Almata - eventually killing Enrique and taking control of the mafia himself. Dantes went on to overhaul Almata's internal structure and greatly expand the scope and scale of their operations, breaking numerous rules set by Heiyue to maintain order in Calvard's underworld. He quickly bolstered Almata's manpower by recruiting jaeger dropouts, assassins, and other hardened criminals into their ranks. This surge in activity caught the attention of the CID and Bracer Guild, who attempted to send insiders to investigate Almata. However, many of these insiders disappeared without a trace, further cementing Almata's image as a highly dangerous and formidable criminal organization.

Trails into Reverie

In Episode: "Beyond the Reverie, And the Sword Maiden Moves On" 創まりの先へ, そして、乙女は剣を手に進み続ける, in September of S. 1207, Bracer Elaine Auclair, while searching for two missing children kidnapped by a low-level organized crime syndicate, was able to track down the syndicate. After defeating and subduing most of their members, the leader of Almata, Gerard Dantes, appeared. (Almata was only referred to by A in this scene and Dantes name was never given.) Dantes came to clean up after the syndicate, which Almata had considered as a potential subcontractor, due to him being disappointed with them for being outwitted and discovered by the CID. Capable of hiding his presence to prevent Elaine from seeing his face, Dantes executed all of the syndicate's members effortlessly, though he spared the kidnapped children and informed Elaine of where she would find them unharmed. He claimed to be pursuing the "ultimate fear", and called fear the driving force beyond existence, before escaping.[1]






  • Almata is a mistranslation of the Italian word Armata, which means "Army".
  • During the final chapter of Kuro no Kiseki, Melchior mentions that Almata was backed and funded by another party. The backer in question currently remains unknown.
  • Almata and it's former boss Enrique were first mentioned in the book series Gambler Jack introduced in Trails in the Sky SC. During the story however, Almata itself is never named.


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