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Alster (辺境の町アルスター), also known as Ulster in Falcom's romanisation, is a remote village in the north of Erebonia.


Introduced as the setting for the manga The Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki Pre-Story - Ring of Judgment and Trails of Cold Steel II, Memoir: "The Remote Town of Alster", it makes its in-game debut in Trails of Cold Steel IV.

The villagers share the task of maintaining the vineyard at the Old Lamarre Road west of the town.[1]


Alster is a small town that is built around a plaza in its centre.

Inn - Sunny Spot (Trails of Cold Steel IV).

Inn - Sunny Spot is ran by Ranson[JP 1] and his wife Gilda.[JP 2] They are the parents of Thors Branch Campus student, Sandy. The 'Lenheim Risotto', based on the recipe of Ariel Lenheim, is still served at the Sunny Spot.[2]

Gasco's Store is ran by Gasco,[JP 3] who runs the Arms & Orbal Factory. His daughter Egna[JP 4] attends the General Goods section of the store. Kai has been working at the Orbal Factory for years. When Gasco receives a conscription letter, Kai watches the factory in Gasco's absence.

Steinrose Distillery (Trails of Cold Steel IV).

Steinrose Distillery (Trails of Cold Steel IV).

Steinrose Distillery was originally ran by the father of the brothers Millio[JP 5] and Jarnac[JP 6] and their sisters Bran[JP 7] and Yuni,[JP 8] who attend the distillery in their father's absence. Their father was drafted for the Operation Jormungand before 10 August, S.1206.[1] Jarnac receives his conscription notification soon after his father. The black cat Baal[JP 9] can be found near the entrance of Steinrose Distillery. It is believed in Alster that the barrel a black cat sits on will produce delicious liquor.[1]

Alster Chapel is attended by Father Nogaro[JP 10] and Sister Rochelle.[JP 11]

Kai & Tilia's House is inhabited by Kai and Tilia.

Alster - Home is inhabited by Old Man Boa[JP 12] and Old Lady Alma.[JP 13] Their grandson, Lot,[JP 14] attends the sheep in his parents' absence. Lot's parents are working in Aragon, meaning his grandparents are looking after him. Old Man Boa finds Lot an embarrassment for the Erebonian man and is very strict him, resulting in Lot regularly crying on Old Lady Alma's lap.[3]

Flowers at the site of the burnt down Lenheim family's house. (Trails of Cold Steel IV).

Site of Lenheim Family's residence is where the house Ariel Lenheim lived in and Olivier Lenheim grew up in. According to the monument at the site the house was struck by lightning and burnt down in May S.1206.[1]

Mayor Matim[JP 15] can be found strolling through town. Melany [JP 16] walks in circles on the plaza. Auch [JP 17] works as a farmer. Auch still remembers the cries of Ariel and Olivier Lenheim during the attack in S.1189 and feels remorse over the fact that he was unable to make it in time.[3]

In the manga there is also an abandoned fortress outside the town's perimeters. In the drama CD there exist an underground passage that leads from a mountain range to the entrance to the town. Neither of these places can be found nor visited in Trails of Cold Steel IV.



  • Ulster is also the name of a province in the north of Ireland.



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Names in Japanese

  1. ランソン
  2. ジルダ
  3. ガスコー
  4. エーニャ
  5. ミリオ
  6. ジャルナック
  7. ブラン
  8. ユニ
  9. バール
  10. ノガロ教区
  11. シスター・ロシェル
  12. ボア爺さん
  13. アルマ小婆さん
  14. ロット
  15. マティム町長
  16. メラニー
  17. オーシュ