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Altair (アルタイル市) is a city in Calvard. It lies east of the Cyre River, which is also the Crossbellan-Calvardian border.


Altair is a port city that historically flourished through trade and commerce because of its favourable position near the Cyre River. With the introduction of the Transcontinental Railroad, Altair was connected to a vast train network that allowed merchants to reach the highly commercialised Crossbell City within just an hour.


On the outskirts of Altair, a cave known as the Altair Lodge of the D∴G Cult can be found. Since the D∴G Cult Extermination in S.1198, led by an international cooperation spearheaded by the Bracer Guild, no cult members can be found within the cave any more.

Trails to Azure

In S.1204, political refugees Hartmann and Ernest Reis found shelter there, but were ultimately found and arrested by Lloyd Bannings, Noel Seeker, Alex Dudley and Arios MacLaine.