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Alvis (士アルヴィス), is a bracer affiliated with the Calvard branch introduced in Kuro no Kiseki.



Alvis is a young man with pale red eyes and short spiky ocean-blue hair. He wears a white shirt, mustard waistcoat and yellow jacket with brown shoulder patches and the words 'Unbreakable Heart' embroidered on the chest. He also wears black trousers with ripped scattered down the legs and thick brown boots. Alvis wields an arming sword in combat.


Alvis is fiercely defensive over his actions as a bracer and dislikes others who he views as encroaching on the principles the Guild holds, including Van Arkride. It is implied he has a crush on Elaine Auclair and is likewise oblivious to the feelings fellow bracer Regina. He is noted as not being honest with his feelings, not openly acknowledging those who he is impressed by as a matter of pride.


Alvis is a member of the Calvardian branch of bracers. At some point when he and fellow bracer Regina graduated, he got completely wasted and went up to Elaine, doing something that required him to apologise profusely.

Kuro no Kiseki

Alvis is first seen calling for Elaine to board a train in Edith. Van meets him properly for the first time in Creil, after Alvis admires his car. Alvis does not take kindly to Van and his ways and cautions him against being arrogant, whilst Alvis solves the case. Alvis helps get the civilians to safety when Eisen Schild military monsters run rampant. He is very surprised to see Walter Kron helping out.

Van runs into Alvis and another bracer, Regina following events in Creil. Their relationship hasn't improved and Van and Alvis exchange remarks. Regina notes Alvis is one of the best new bracers the Guild has. Alvis later talks with Zin Vathek about Almata and the group that killed Aida, but is sceptical of Zin's plan to work with Van and the spriggans more readily.

The group run into Alvis again in Basel, where he is looking to complete some easy requests. Van and Alvis compete against each other in a remote control car race representing Ingert and Leno respectively as part of a request. Alvis arrives in the mine to help save Quatre Salision but Van's group get there first and resolve the situation. Investigating Almata, Alvis demands Kaela MacMillan give him information when a dead body is discovered and rushes off to help defend Basel when archaisms attack the city. After the archaisms are cleaned up, he continues to operate in the city. Later, he accompanies Elaine on a monster extermination request in Edith.

Alvis is amongst the forces the Bracer Guild sends to Oración but is not part of the underground team. Alvis and La'Ahad coordinate things above ground on the surface. He is concerned with Elaine's disappearance and starts to look for her, but also investigates the ties Almata has to Oración. He gives the party his collated information which leads them to Edmond Auclair, and he wishes the party luck in their efforts.

Alvis patrols the city on Revolution Day, and is caught up in Pandemonium. He and Regina are able to take care of themselves, and patrol the city in the Guild car. He sees Fie Claussell off at the station at the end of the game.