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Anton (アントン) is a recurring traveller from the City of Grancel found all over the continent. A recurring theme is his quest to find love.



Anton is a young man with brown hair and eyes. he wears a pink long sleeved shirt, green and purple waistcoats and brown trosuers. he wears a sash around his waist and a red neck cord around his collar.


Anton has something of wanderlust, travelling from country to country seeking his fortune, and also his soul mate. He is determined to find love, although has often been caught in dejected moods or depression when he feels his hopes have failed, only to perk back up at the prospects of finding a new lover. He is often quick to misread the romantic intentions of others, which is perhaps the source of his woes, but he is nonetheless eager in his attempts to impress and do kindness towards those who are the objects of his attraction.

Trails in the Sky FC and SC

Anton is usually seen out near the department store in the eastern section of the royal city together with his buddy Ricky. He has his sights set on Marsha, a girl who frequently walks by his hangout spot while she's in the process of running errands. His personality has turned his infatuation into a bit of an obsession and he actually spends the day counting the times she passes by while fantasizing about her. He pretends to be reading a book in an attempt to look intellectual, thinking it makes him look more attractive, but doesn't realize that his ogling isn't nearly as inconspicuous as he believes it is and not only is Marsha aware of his staring, but she's thoroughly creeped out by it.

At one point Anton states that if Marsha passes by three times, he'll go up and say hello to her. If the player sticks around long enough, encourages Marsha to keep using her usual route and then talks to Anton afterwards, he'll give up the book he was pretending to read earlier, which is the finale of the Carnelia series. Anton does eventually follow up on his resolution and approaches Marsha, but the latter rejects him in such a fierce and overwhelming fashion that all he can do afterwards is feel befuddled and depressed about it.

Trails from Zero

Anton eventually got past his depression over Marsha's harsh rejection of him and travelled to Crossbell with Ricky. He misplaced his wallet but was helped by Fran Seeker, who found his wallet for him. Anton fell in love with her at first sight and submitted a support request to the Special Support Section after the Bracer Guild declined to help him. The team was able to help set up a meeting with Fran. Anton attempted to propose to her, but Fran, completely oblivious to what was going on, did not respond, causing Anton to believe that she had refused him and left, depressed once more.

Trails of Cold Steel I and II

Anton decided to accompany Ricky to Bareahard for a trip around Erebonia, but got lost in the process. Fortunately, Group A of Class VII found and brought him back to town, even though his personality greatly confused them.

He later went with Ricky to attend the Thors Military Academy's Student Festival, where the two were outside the Old Schoolhouse where he lamented that no girl would come for him. Rean, who recognized Anton from before, gave Anton some words of encouragement, returning him back to his normal self, much to Ricky's relief.

At the start of the civil war, Anton was separated from Ricky. He found shelter in the academy, but was depressed and worried about his friend, going out on a long search for him. He was eventually able to catch up to him.

Eventually his eyes fall on Sharon Kreuger and he eventually musters up the courage to send a request to Class VII to help arrange a meeting with her. Anton appears to do well at first, gifting her a tea set, before inexplicably proclaiming that he loves her, which catches the two of them and Class VII off-guard. Although Sharon rejected him, she admits that she appreciated the tea time, his present and honesty, giving him a kiss. They would continue to keep in touch through letters.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

He continued thinking about Sharon and managed to meet her at Mishelam Wonderland just before the Great War started. She believed he was still insistent in going out on a date, but he knew otherwise through their letters and told her that she could overcome her dark past. Sharon appreciated his honesty once more and held his hands, causing him to rapidly blush in response. While observing them, Rean comes to suspect that Sharon reciprocates Anton's feelings.