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Aragon Iron Mine (アラゴン鉄鉱山) is a mining town situated in the Aragon Mountain Range in the Lamarre Province, Erebonia.


The Aragon Iron Mine is both smaller than the Sachsen Iron Mine in the Nortia Province and suffers from a consistent lack of engineers. Therefore people living in the adjacent mining town raise their children with enough knowledge and skills to be helping out at the mine, making them breadwinners at the age of 12.

Although Aragon have been able to meet the growing demand for materials for the construction of Panzer Soldats, in S.1206 the mining chief is worried about the deteriorating working condition and the exhaustion of the mine.

The mining chief's son, Gustaf, decided to enroll at Thors Branch Campus to learn more about Erebonia's realities. By doing so, however, he came to the conclusion that there is little he can do about the situation in Aragon. Still, he made up his mind to support his family.


  • Aragón is a northeastern, autonomous community in Spain. Similar to how Aragon in Erebonia is situated in the Aragon Mountain Range, Aragón is home to the highest mountains of the Pyrenees.
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