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Aramis High School (アラミス高等学校) is a prestigious high school in Edith, Calvard.


Aramis High School is named after the artist Aramis, who was involved in the Calvard Revolution. The school was founded for the purpose to "cultivate a wide range of human resources to lead a new nation". Its open school spirit, emphasizing its students' independence and its educational concept that balances tradition and innovation, draws students from Calvard and abroad alike, and produces a large number of elites that will play a key role in Calvard's governance.

The Aramis student council is highly influential and responsible for the organization of many extracurricular events, such as the annual Aramis Arts Festival,[JP 1] which has become synonymous with spring in the capital. Thanks to Aramis's prestigious status, competition for the yearly student council elections is fierce and many students participate.[1]

Notable People



Japanese terms

  1. Japanese: アラミス学藝祭


  1. Trails into Reverie, Episode: "Beyond the Reverie, A Girl's School Days" 創まりの先へ, ある少女の学校生活.