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Arc en Ciel Enthusiasts (アルカンシェル・ファンブック) is a book that can be found in Trails from Zero in the Crossbell City Library.


Arc en Ciel Enthusiasts

Arc en Ciel. There isn't a person alive in Crossbell who doesn't know that name.

Since the time they opened their theater in Crossbell City's Entertainment District, Arc en Ciel has whipped citizens into a frenzy countless times. Fans are not limited to just Crossbell. Arc en Ciel has made a name for itself in several neighboring countries.

On the stage of the Arc en Ciel theater, the performers are called 'artists,' and they each can display incredible feats of physical skill, giving rise to unbelievable performances.

We would be remiss not to talk about the presence of Ilya Platiere. She is said to be the greatest star in the history of the Arc en Ciel. It goes without saying that Ilya's skill as a performer far exceeds those of her troupemates.

She has an overwhelming presence that commands the atmosphere of both the stage and the hall.

Ilya's performance is utterly mesmerizing. She seamlessly brings the audience and stage together as one. It cannot be described--it must be seen live.

Arc en Ciel has announced their new show this year will be titled 'Golden Sun, Silver Moon.' Rumors are that a promising newcomer will debut.

Who knows what the future of Arc en Ciel has in store? Fans are excited and speculation season is in full swing!