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Archaisms (人形兵器(オーバーマペット)) are autonomous orbal machines created by the ancient Zemurian civilisation using technology lost to the present era.


Archaisms come in all shapes and sizes and have been used for everything from scouting to repair to the defense of vital areas.

The technology and understanding of how to build autonomous mechanical devices was largely lost following the collapse of the Ancient Zemurian Civilization and the Dark Ages that followed. Most of the surviving archaism technology from this era has either been preserved by isolating in long forgotten ruins and inaccessible locations, or by spiritual and mystical means. Many examples of ancient archaism technology still work even after a thousand years.

The knowledge of how to create archaisms is largely thought to be beyond human technology in the present, although a some groups and gifted individuals have been able to do so. Ouroboros, through its network of the Thirteen Factories led by Professor F. Novartis are capable of copying pre-existing Archaisms and creating new ones based on ancient designs. Individuals within the network, such as Joerg Rosenberg are highly valued for their ability to make adjustments to the dolls and maintain them. Notable individuals outside the 13 Factories include Gerhard Schmidt who has been able to repair discarded archaisms and even design original ones based upon his theories. Elysium was also able to create advanced archaisms with the enormous calculative processing power it possessed.

Favouring their use of advanced orbal technology, Ouroboros are far far and large the most notorious for deployment of archaisms, although they frequently loan them out and make them available on the black market. Archaisms typically self-destruct or are manually destroyed following incapacitation to stop their technology being studied or reverse engineered. Facilities that manufacture archaisms are usually in remote or secret location such as the Lakeside Laboratory in Liberl which was hidden by a cloaking generator or the factories hidden beneath North Ambria.

Similar constructs include:

List of Archaisms

Ancient Archaisms

The following archaisms date to the Ancient Zemurian Civilisation or the Dark Ages:

Liber Ark Civilization

Name Variants Description Image
Broken Piece A, B, C, J A spy drone archaism that roam ancient ruins. Can deploy a chainsaw weapon. These units were stationed in the sealed area and specific elemental variants were used in each of the Tetracyclic Towers.
Broken Piece CA11090 (Sora FC Monster).png
Guard Minion A, B, C, J A support droid that roams ancient ruins. Can use a restorative art, plus others.
Guard Minion CA11100 (Sora FC Monster).png
Gundoll A, B, C A mechanized droid that guards ancient ruins. Calls for backup if it sustains damage. Kanone Amalthea deployed these units to support her in battle in the Sealed Area
Gundoll CA10990 (Sora FC Monster).png
Photon Judge A, J A mechanized security droid with a powerful ranged attack.
Photon Judge CA11000 (Sora FC Monster).png
D-Series Doom D-A, D-B A mechanized droid that guards ancient ruins. Uses sound waves that affect status.
D-Series Doom CA10940 (Sora FC Monster).png
M-Series Doom M-A, M-B, M-C, M-J A mechanized droid that guards ancient ruins. Uses arts. May self-destruct.
M-Series Doom CA10950 (Sora FC Monster).png
S-Series Doom A-C, A-C, A-J A mechanized droid that guards the sealed area. Attacks by hurling throwing axes.
S-Series Doom CA10920 (Sora FC Monster).png
Reverie (Traumerei): R-II Gespenst Phantasma A powerful and large Archaism first discovered in the facility beneath Grancel Castle, capable of combining with supporting Archaisms, Right Forceps and Left Forceps to form an even stronger machine. Uses Alpha and Beta drones in combat.
Reverie CA30100 (Sora FC Monster).png
Bone Legger - A droid which roams ancient ruins. Attacks intruders without mercy. Found patrolling in the residential district on the Liber Ark. Additionally recreated in the Infinity Corridor.
Bone Legger CA12060 (Sora SC Monster).png
Fortune Coin - An orbal droid used in ancient trials. Decided the fate of criminals based on a coin toss. One side depicts a smiling face which may heal, the other a snarling face that causes damage. This archaism was recreated by F. Novartis and deployed in the Doll Studio in Trails into Reverie
MON170 (Hajimari Monster).png


Name Variants Description Image
Stormbringer - A giant archaism locked away in a ruin beneath Jenis Royal Academy, awakened by Bleublanc while in the process of testing a Gospel.
Storm Bringer CA30400 (Sora SC Monster).png
Puppet Fragger - Small archaisms found beneath Jenis Royal Academy. Armed with a small cannon
Puppet Fragger CA12480 (Sora SC Monster).png
Elvavria R An archaism from the Middle Ages, armed with numerous weapons. Paralyzes foes with wide-reaching beams. Ouroboros modified versions of this archaism and two were deployed by McBurn in the Infernal Castle. They were also foudn in the Old Schoolhouse and Reverie Corridor.
Elvavria (Sen Monster).png
Nebilim - A Dark Age archaism made to survey battlefields. Uses powerful earth arts. A fiend nearly identical to this archaism appears in Kuro no Kiseki.
MON249 (Sen II Monster).png
Regna Bersel, Aguel, Veriel An ancient archaism made to annihilate foes. Found in Crossbell and Erebonia. Uses its many weapons to bring death to all who come near.
MON237 (Sen II Monster).png

Modern Archaisms


Name Variants Description Image
Vogel series 235, 570, 911, XX A series of modern Archaisms produced by Ouroboros as unmanned patrol units. Numerous types exist, all equipped with warning sirens and laser weaponry to deal with intruders. Manufactured and seen heavy use within Liberl. new version deployed in the Reinford HQ.
Vogel 235 CA12350 (Sora SC Monster).png
Seeker series Port, Solid, Beep Another line of Ouroboros-produced Archaisms designed for scout purposes. Some such as the Solid and Port Seekers are able to use Orbal Arts. Ouroboros sells a stripped-down model called the Beep Seeker to some of its clients.
Port Seeker CA12580 (Sora SC Monster).png
Vanguard series Sleipnir (F2, F2-0, F2 1, F2 II F2X, F3) A heavy combat Archaism openly deployed by Ouroboros during the Liberl Calamity in order to defend chokepoints and attack Royal Army positions. They are equipped with a hatchet and shield, chaff grenades and a heavy machine gun. A more powerful version called the Vanguard F3 'Sleipnir' is exclusively used by the Stahlritter. This Archaism was the basis for the Orbal Gear.
Vanguard CA12320 (Sora SC Monster).png
Leor series Gun (EZ),

Zephyranthes (R, G, B, S)

A heavy Archaism created by Ouroboros for area-defense purposes and equipped with a variety of missile and laser weapons. An export-model called the Zephyranthes also exists, seeing heavy usage in Erebonia.
Zephyranthes (Sen Monster).png
Riot series Arms, Claw, Saber Archaisms modeled on the form of a lion and equipped with a number of offensive and defensive systems. The most powerful of this series is the Riot Saber.
Riot Saber CA12510 (Sora SC Monster).png
Apache series Pale (II, S), G-Apache, A heavily-armed flying archaism which comes in both unmanned and manned varieties. Gilbert Stein operates a G-Apache.
MON088 (Sen IV Monster).png
Spindoll series - A Thirteen Factories make orbal droid. Lightweight model for mop-up operations. Normally contained with Apache units, deploying when they are low on health.
Spindoll CA13060 (Sora SC Monster).png
Clown series Balancing, Genesic An archaism for defending Ouroboros' bases. Its strange looks distract targets, then it controls them with a lasso. The Genesic is an updated model which vastly outperforms its predecessor.
MON085 2 (Sen III Monster).png
Dragion series Reverie, T.M, D-Phantom Phantasma An archaism made by the society based on ancient technology, namely the Reveries of the Aureole Boasts astounding firepower. Leonhardt has a black-colored personal unit. The T.M may stand for Traumerei.
T.M. Dragion CA30800 (Sora SC Monster).png
Gordias series Pater-Mater, Gordias Type-0 Phantasma, Aion A massive 16 arge machine designated a Tactical Archaism, fitted with powerful armor and weapons. They are also capable of flight. Pater-Mater was the first prototype of these series, requiring a human operator - its successors, the Aion series, appear to be fully automated.
Pater-Mater CA30500 (Sora SC Monster).png
Aion series Aion Type-α (II, Potentia),
Aion Type-β (II, Fulgor),
Aion Type-γ (II, Umbra)
Regarded as the culmination of the Gordias series the original Aions were huge deterrent weapons powered by the Azure Demiourgos which massive power and weaponry. Each Aion unit is specialised for a specific task. Upgraded type II variants were deployed in the Phantasmal Blaze Plan. The Fake Salt pales also recreated variations to act as guardians.
Aion Type-α (Ao).png
Tri-Attacker series R2 (gatling gun)
HG (wave disturber)
A patrol archaism made by Ouroboros. Very mobile, and capable of machine gun and missile fire or reducing foes' movement and defense with electromagnetism. These units are commonly lent to organizations or individuals working towards the Society's aims.
Tri-Attacker R2 (Sen Monster).png
Phalanx series J9 A mid-sized archaism equipped with two cannons. Its high mobility lets it cover a wide area.
Phalanx J9 (Sen Monster).png
Gespard series Gerrod An autonomous archaism with extendable arms and exceptional firepower. It can handle enemies in a wide area.
Gespard G (Sen Monster).png
Regenenkopf series Type-0, Type-II A type of humanoid Archaism approximately four arge tall, equipped with a large sword and accompanied by supporting Shigure Archaisms that can repair it during combat. Possesses a sophisticated computer system able to learn from a human teacher and imitate their fighting style.Has data on the Eight Leaves style inputted into it (noted to be the Divine Blade of Wind's techniques. Many of these units seem to have been discarded and left around, with some reactivated under the influence of evil miasma or the spirit veins.
MON216 (Sen II Monster).png
Sneak Gunner series G (submachine gun)
R (Needle and blade)
M (orbal wave generator)
A small archaism for patrolling, equipped with a variety of weapon configurations including a submachine gun for covering fire at mid-range, needle and blade for melee combat or an orbal wave generator to make wide attacks from long range.
MON082 0 (Sen IV Monster).png
Doppelganger - An archaism intended to copy a rela individual. May be capable of speech or using the techniques and mannerisms of its original. Renne uses copies of her parents and later Joshua, whilst copies of the intelligence Division run amok in Liberl. F. Novartis also makes use of them, utilising knowledge gained form Elysium's Simulacrum.
Doppelganger CA04560 (Sora SC Monster).png

Black Workshop

Name Variants Description Image
Combat Shells Easy Trigger (S,G)
Proto Tron (S)
Mein Gada (S)
Perosnal combat shells
Small drones that are controlled mentally and require great skill to operate. Later autonomous models were created by the Black Workshop and were provided to Thors Military Academy for training purposes. Airgetlam and Claiomh Solais were developed from these machines. Zoa Balor is regarded as the original combat shell.
MON140 (Sen IV Monster).png
Oz Mirage Crimson, Cobalt Advanced prototype archaism based on the Originator Zero. Enters extermination mode upon locating targets. Self-destructs when heavily damaged. able to store information in a database regarding allied and enemy accounts.
Oz Mirage 1 Concept Art (Sen IV).png
Hetachoncheir Aurgelmir (Fake Salt pales) An autonomous orbal weapon equipped with high-spec armaments, which necessitated increased weight and size.
MON152 (Sen IV Monster).png
See also: Leviathan

G. Schmidt

Name Variants Description Image
Diver Bit EX, G A small turret device that also serves as monitoring equipment in Einhel. It attacks with deadly accurate lasers. George Nome later created a stronger version on the Gargantua.
MON089 (Sen IV Monster).png
Stratos Diver EX, G Large archaism modified by Professor Schmidt based on his theories to serve in Einhel. It is fine-tuned to boost performance after having been defeated. George Nome later created a stronger version on the Gargantua.
MON090 (Sen IV Monster).png


Name Variants Description Image
D=Bestia - A large archaism created with advanced technology, capable of using even anti-orders and cloaking.
D Bestia Concept Art (Hajimari).png
Melfegore - A large archaism created with advanced technology, deployed to defend Reverse Babel
Melfegore Concept Art (Hajimari).png
Simulacrum - Advanced copies of individuals that are near exact replicas, based on Elysium's ability to 'calculate a personality'. There are still minor near-imperceptible differences, but often even the simulacrum themselves cannot detect they are artificial.
CHR108 C75 1 (Hajimari Monster).png


  • Some of the archaisms' names are German words, namely Traumerei (Träumerei means reverie), Vogel (bird) and Regenenkopf (basically "regenerating head").