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Argres (アルグレス), known in its cursed form as the Nameless One (名も無きの聖獣) and the Black Holy Beast (黒の聖獣), is the Holy Beast that guarded the Sept-Terrion of Earth.


Nameless One - Introduction (CS III)

Argres in its cursed form (Trails of Cold Steel III).

Around the year S.300, Argres takes on the majority of the curse and, together with the Primal Ground copy underneath the Heimdallr Cathedral, it is translocated to an area northwest of Heimdallr.[Note 1][Note 2] Along with the Primal Ground, it was corrupted by the Curse and lost both its name and form.

At the end of Trails of Cold Steel III, it is slain by the Sword of Demise, releasing the Curse unto the land and beginning the Great Twilight.

In Trails of Cold Steel IV, Final Curtain: " Flower Petals at Blaze's End", Toval Randonneur and Class VII visit the Holy Beast in the Sanctus Shrine[JP 1] on the beach near Aulos Seaside Way. With its last power, it bestows the Cage of the Earth[JP 2] upon his visitors.

According to Roselia, the cryptid Zoro-Agruga is its "kin".


Trails of Cold Steel III

Trails of Cold Steel IV


  • Argres (Shiroki Majo)
    Argres appears to be a direct reference to Shiroki Majo, the first game of the Gagharv Trilogy. In the game, one can find the Holy Beast Argres[JP 3] in the Lost Forest[JP 4] with permission of the Toneriko Village.[JP 5]
  • Laura S. Arseid remarks Argres' name is similar to the name of the Argent Deus-Excellion, Argreion.



  1. Exact year uknown. In S.1206, Black Alberich describes the events as "900 years ago".[1] Toval Randonneur also places the events at "900 years ago".[2] Black Record, Volume 1 describes the disappearance of the Primal Ground as "200 years [after Heimdallr's foundation as the imperial capital in S.81]",[3] placing these events at the start of Dark Dragon Zoro-Agruga's appearance.
  2. The Karel Imperial Villa did not yet exist during the Dark Ages as it was built during the Middle Ages.


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Names in Japanese

  1. 聖霊窟
  2. 大地の檻
  3. 聖獣アルグレス
  4. 迷いの森
  5. トネリコ村

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