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Ariel Lenheim (アリエル・レンヘイム) is the mother of Olivert Reise Arnor.



Ariel was a tall woman with rose-red hair and yellow eyes. She wore her hair loosely, with a bow tying it in the back. She wore a cream ruffled shirt with rolled up sleeves and a green ribbon tie, violet skirt with white pleated under layer and apron-like covering, matching corset and a green tasselled shawl around her waist.


From what has been mentioned of Ariel from those who knew or knew of her, she had a cheerful personality and was very helpful to other members of her community, being described as having a 'giving it her all' attitude and a strong, kind-hearted woman. She was not a vengeful person, with inhabitants of Alster mentioning that she would not have liked others to go to war to avenge her son.


Ariel Lenheim was born a commoner in Alster, Erebonia.

Ariel helped out at the inn of Sandy's parents in Alster. During her time there, she shared many of her recipes. Her best known meal is the Lenheim Risotto, which is still served in the inn and regarded as 'legendary'.

Ariel and Olivert meeting Mueller Vander.

Ariel enrolled at Thors Military Academy in the same year as Eugent Reise Arnor III. When he first met her, he was immediately attracted to her cheerfulness.

Ariel dropped out of the academy without graduating. Several years later in a remote region of Erebonia, she gave birth to their son, Olivert.

As the Crown Prince, Eugent wanted to accept her as his empress but met resistance from his father and the noble families whom repeatedly told him to change his mind about Ariel. He did introduce him to the Vander Family to get a guardian for Olivert.

To win favours of the Four Great Houses, one noble family hired jaegers to assassinate Ariel and Olivert. Thanks to Mueller Vander, first-born son of the Vander Family, Olivert managed to escape the assassination, but Ariel did not survive the raid.


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