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Arioch (アリオッチ), also known as Massacrer (鏖殺(おうさつ)) and Invisible Tempest (姿無き災厄(インビジブルテンペスト)), is a character introduced in Kuro no Kiseki.


Arioch is co-operating with Almata. He wears a heavy suit of armor that shines dimly, and wields a giant halberd with ease. He seems to have been massacring thieves and jaegers in the eastern regions, but the reasons behind that is unknown.

He currently acts as Almata's strongest warrior and willing to murder any opposing force, regardless of country or organization, and leaves no witness, earning him the alias of Invisible Tempest.[1]


Arioch is a very tall man with swept back violet hair and blazing red eyes. he wears a full black outfit which includes a cape attachment to his leggings and a belt with a skull buckle. Arioch wears a set of bronze plate armour with a skeletal motif: jagged greaves with claw like sabatons, plates around his thighs, pauldrons with three spiked protrusions, a chestplate with a demonic skull and ribcage design, gauntlets and a headpiece which resembles a jawline with one side snapped off. Arioch also carries a huge halberd with a twisted metallic design around the blade and an orb at the top.


Almata's simple idea of ruling over everything with fear resonates with him and he is more than willing to murder anything that stands in his way.


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Arioch was born before S.1058 in Iska.[2] Arioch was part of its Rahu unit, one of the nine groups of guardians that protected its emperor and a unit specifically made up of those of Western Zemurian descent.[2]

Arioch became the overseer of the Rust Garden.[2]

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