Armorica Village (アルモリカ(むら)) is a town in east Crossbell.


Armorica Village is located 274 selge east of Crossbell City. Alongside with the state's capital, Armorica is considered one of the most important trading towns in Zemuria.

Whereas orbal technology rapidly overtook Crossbell City, Armorica's foremost form of income is still agriculture, in particular pastoralism and beekeeping. The products then get sold in Crossbell City and the short distance between the two places Armorica's products are known for their freshness.

Its plethora of fountains and enormous fields of flowers to stimulate beekeeping have led to a surge of tourists and sightseeing from Crossbell City in recent years.

Noteable products

Armorica is particularly famous for its high-quality honey and vegetables.The Crossbellan merchant Harold Hayworth is one of the village's most important customers.


Ash Tree Inn

  • Gofan (owner)
  • Sealy (clerk, hired for her beauty)
  • Aretha (mother) and Stefan (son)
  • Alfred
  • Keith

Reoir General Goods

  • Reoir (owner)
  • Jake

Mayor's Residence

  • Tolta (mayor)
  • Ena (wife)
  • Derrick (son)

Armorica - House 1

  • Milia
  • Elkin

Armorica - House 2

  • Donald (father)
  • Ange (mother)
  • Camille and Pully (children)


  • Seilarm


Even though Armorica is considered a remote place from Crossbell City, a direct orbal bus line departs from Crossbell City's eastern exit every two hours. The East Crossbell Highway forks into the Armorica Old Road that leads directly to Armorica.

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