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The Arseille (高速巡洋艦(こうそくじゅんようかん)《アルセイユ》) is the high-speed cruiser of the Royal Guard of Liberl. It was developed by the Zeiss Central Factory.


This high-speed airship measures 42 arge in length, and is the pride and joy of the Zeiss Central Factory. The Arseille can reach a top speed of eighty-nine arge per second (a later upgrade to its specifications allowed it to cruise at one hundred arge per second).

Development on the Arseille started in S.1199 and construction took three years. In S.1202, ZCF started commencing test flights.

Trails in the Sky FC

The Arseille is introduced after it lands in Ruan with Julia Schwarz at the command, having been requested by Klaudia von Auslese. It's speed allows it to easily catch Morris Dalmore and apprehend him. It later appears in the final chapter.

Trails in the Sky SC

The Arseille takes a more prominent role, first being deployed in Operation Dragon Capture to catch the rampant Ragnard in a joint Bracer Guild and Royal Army of Liberl effort. The Ship cannot follow Rganrd into the Nebel Valley however, meaning it cannot be used in the final battle.

Later, the Arseille is used to help transport Estelle Bright and her companions to each of the Tetracyclic Towers where Ouroboros' Enforcers are working to disable the devices that keep the Aureole from returning to their dimension. In each instance, the party are too slow and the towers are deactivated. Once the Liber Ark re-manifests, it emits a large scale wave causing a country-wide Orbal Shutdown Phenomenon. At the behest of Albert Russell, they land the ship before it's systems are deactivated. Russell works hard to get the Zero-field generators up and running so that the Arseille can fly again. He succeeds tat this in time to prove to the Erebonian Army that they can solve the crisis.

Travelling to the Liber Ark, The Arseille manages to escape the Glorious' pursuit and bombardment. Before closing in on Liber Ark, Leonhardt appeared riding Reverie Dragion and shred away the Arseille's auxilary engine, sending Arseille crashing down into the floating ancient city. It is repaired in time to get them out of it before the collapse. Those on board frantically search for Joshua and Estelle, before seeing them on Ragnard with Cassius Bright.

Trails in the Sky the 3rd

Olivert Reise Arnor uses the Arseille to make his grand entry back to the Empire and proclaim his challenge to Giliath Osborne, zooming past him and scattering rose petals over the air liner the chancellor was riding.

A copy of the Arseille is found in the First Plane of Phantasma, but it is not activated until later when Celeste D. Auslese shows them how the whole party can will it to operate. It is used to escape the Planes and reach Castle Phantasmagoria, the domain of the Lord of Phantasma after escaping from copied Dragions.


The Arseille forms the basis for the Courageous. Olivier saw the need for this type of ship and contributed heavily to its development, working with his close allies and the Zeiss Central Factory to make his desire a reality.

What became of the original Arseille is unknown, but it eventually made way for the improved Arseille II.


Trails in the Sky FC

Trails in the Sky SC

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