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The Holy City of Arteria (アルテリア法国(ほうこく)) is a city-state located in central Zemuria.


The Holy City of Arteria is made up of various administrative organizations that handle specific tasks, giving it a state-like structure. It acts as a gathering place for believers and church officials alike , and not many are born there, but there are many pilgrims and clergymen.

Trails of Cold Steel III and IV

Agents of Ouroboros, including Third Angius, Mariabell Crois and the Fourth Angius, the Thousand Oathbreaker launch some form of assault on Arteria, tying up their defences and preventing them from dispatching more knights to Erebonia to deal with the plans for the Great Twilight.

During the planning for Operation Mille Mirage, Arteria commits troops in aid of the alliance, some 30,000 strong, although this is said to be off official records. this 'priest unit' was part of the Remiferia and Ored defence line. After the war, Arteria cautions restraint in reprimanding Erebonia too harshly.


The city state is said to be smaller than most states around the continent. It is said to be located in Central Zemuria. Judging from its position, it is landlocked and may be enclosed within the borders of a larger country such as Leman.

Government and Politics


Arteria is where the High Seat of the Septian Church is established. The state is ruled by the Pope of the Septian Church.

International relations

As the headquarters of the Septian Church, Arteria retains a special kind of authority when it comes to international relations. The nation has an important political role, recognising states around the continent as sovereign nations in their own right. International agreements also result in various artefacts discovered that belonged to the Ancient Zemurian civilisation being handed over to the State if deemed to be active.


Apart from its walled enclave, the city is protected by the Papal Guard. In Operation Mille Mirage, a force of 30,000 troops were expected from Arteria.


Science & Technology

Through the church, Arteria is known to have technology that is relativity advanced when compared to their neighbouring nations, notably the use of the Dominion's Merkabah units which are based on an original artefact, suggesting thier knowledge of how these work is greater than other nations.


Arteria has educational facilities, with students like Elie MacDowell able to study there from abroad.


Not many are born there, but there are many pilgrims and clergymen. As can be expected, the vast majority of the population, if not all, are followers of the Septian Church and believers in Aidios.


The city is said to have a great cathedral, the High Seat. Upon seeing the interior of the Castle Phantasmagoria in Phantasma, which is full of violet marbled walkways and baroque architecture, Ries Argent likens it to the cathedral found in Arteria. Tourists liken Crossbell cathedral as being comparable to the High Seat.