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Artifacts (古代遺物(アーティファクト)) are mysterious relics, like vessels or staffs, unearthed from Ancient Zemurian civilisation ruins pre-dating the Great Collapse. The Septian Church tasked itself with the retrieval of these artifacts.


Artifacts are essentially ancient orbments created by the ancient civilisations of Zemuria and capable of demonstrating power that exceeds the bounds of human comprehension. Artifacts are the models for all orbments produced today. They are generally found in ruins across the continent. Although they run on orbal energy just like contemporary orbments, they are operated differently and cannot yet be properly analysed with post-Orbal Revolution technologies.

The Septian Church has defined artifacts as "premature gifts from the Goddess" and, through its Congregation for the Sacraments, it claims responsibility for the artifacts' collection and control.

List of artifacts

Known by name


  • A "slab-like" object that was worshipped in the tribe Wazy Hemisphere grew up in.
  • The suit of armor and halberd wielded by Arioch that granted him incredible combat skill and greatly extended his lifespan.
  • The bombs wielded by Melchior that he can create endlessly.


  • During the side quest involving the Eternal Kandelaar in Trails of Cold Steel III, it was revealed that Professor C. Epstein was one of the few people that knew how artifacts could work.


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