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Ashen Lu (アシェン・ルウ) is a female character introduced in Kuro no Kiseki. She is a childhood friend of Aaron Wei.



Ashen is a tall young woman with amber eyes and long black hair. Her hair is partly tied up into braided buns at the side, but otherwise falls loosely over her back. She wears a long qipao-style sapphire dress with a scale-like pattern, golden floral embellishment and red cord ties. The qipao is open at the thighs and reveals her shoulders with semi-detached sleeves.


Ashen has a high temperament, but a kind soul at her core. Her taste in men (such as Cao Lee) is regarded as poor. She is concerned for her childhood friend Aaron


Ashen is a member of the Lu family, which holds great power in Heiyue. Her younger brother Xin Lu lives abroad. She is childhood friends with Aaron Wei. Ashen notes Aaron was the top pick for her future fiancé, but as she isn't the direct heir, she is free to marry whomever she wishes.

Kuro no Kiseki

Ashen greets Van Arkride and the Arkride Solutions Office when they arrive in Langport. Fan Lu, her father, leaves the group in her care, as he is both busy and she is the best person to give them information on her childhood friend, Aaron. Ashen tells the group not to worry about surveillance or people tailing them, as it is just her father being overprotective. Ashen serves as the groups guide and gives them the rundown on the situation in Langport between Almata and Heiyue. She takes them to the theatre where they see Aaron for the first time. from this point on, Ashen leaves the group to conduct their investigation, only contacting them to request assistance regarding a sightseeing business Heiyue manages and a monster extermination request. Ashen is present at Lu family meetings to discuss the fog, Heiyue's reaction to the street killings and the retaliation they have planned. She is present when Aaron is covering from his injury and bides him to take care when they all head to the Hei Long Stronghold. Ashen goes to Jack Trevor and Hal Coleman for information and is amongst the group that appear to help Aaron after the battle in the Hei Long Stronghold. She is surprised that Yin is a girl and wonders about her relationship with Cao.

In Chapter 4, Ashen accompanies her father to Edithon business and she has Van give her a tour of the city. She has also come to discuss with her contacts about actions they can take regarding Almata. Aaron refuses to do this, so Van was eventually convinced. Whilst shopping for items for Cao, grandfather and her brother, Ashen tells Van that Xin is studying in Remiferia. They encounter Aaron on the tour, but also an assassin from a rival Heiyue family branch who tries to intimidate them. Ashen refuses to give into intimidation and sends the assassin back with a message. She thanks Van once again and moves on.

In the Intermission, Ashen contacts the Solution's office to check up on Aaron and informs the group that as form of thanks, they have been invited to spend some time at an all expenses paid inn stay in Longlai, organised and paid for by several groups wanting to express their gratitude to Van.

Ashen is present in Edith during the finale. She is invited to the party held in Monmarte Bistro, brining sake form Heiyue's stocks. On revolution Day, Ashen relishes the chance to talk and shop with young women of her own age. When Pandemonium envelops the city, Ashen is taking shelter in the Bistro and informs Van of Fie Claussell and Feri Al-Fayed's movements.

In the New Year, Ashen travels back to Langport and greets her family, alongside Rixia Mao, Aaron and Cao.


Kuro no Kiseki

Kuro no Kiseki II: Crimson Sin