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Ashen Lu (アシェン・ルウ) is a female character introduced in Kuro no Kiseki. She is a childhood friend of Aaron Wei.



Ashen is a tall young woman with amber eyes and long black hair. Her hair is partly tied up into braided buns at the side, but otherwise falls loosely over her back. She wears a long qipao style sapphire dress with a scale-like pattern, golden floral embellishment and red cord ties. The qipao is open at the thighs and reveals her shoulders with semi-detached sleeves.


Ashen has a high temperament, but a kind soul at her core. She prefers types of men like Cao Lee.[1]


Ashen is a member of the Lu family, which holds great power in Heiyue. Her younger brother Xin lives abroad. She is childhood friends with Aaron and cares for him because she senses a hint of fragility in his friendly demeanour.




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