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Aster House (紫苑の家, shion no ie) is a gospel facility in Emerose City under supervision of the Septian Church, where Rufina Argent, Ries Argent and Kevin Graham grew up.

Trails in the Sky the 3rd


Aster House operates as both an orphanage and a monastery. After Rufina and Ries found Kevin alone in the city, they convinced him to live with them in Aster House, until Rufina and Kevin completed their Gralsritter training and left.

In S.1198, Aster House was attacked by a small jaeger corps of five to ten jaegers. Kevin and Rufina stopped the attack, but she lost her life as a result.

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In Phantasma, after defeating the four Guardians of the Sixth Plane, Kevin and Ries are able to traverse through the mist in Erbe Scenic Route, arriving at a copy of Aster House. There, Kevin reveals the full truth of what happened that day.

Unbeknownst to the residents, below Aster House there was a Primal Ground like the one below Grancel Cathedral, made to contain artifacts. On the day of the attack, Kevin entered Aster House by himself, and was able to subdue all the jaegers save one, who had taken Ries to an unknown place. Kevin found Ries' ribbon next to the secret entrance to the Primal Ground, finding and opening it.

Kevin also reveals the truth behind his mother's death, how she tried to strangle him and commited suicide after he ran away from her, which he blamed on himself and made him a potential Stigma bearer.

At the Primal Ground, the lone jaeger panicked at the sight of Kevin and grabbed the artifact being contained there: the Spear of Loa, which transformed him into a monster with massive strength. However, Kevin's Stigma activated and absorbed the power of the Spear of Loa into itself, making Kevin lose control of it as he annihilated the jaeger.

Rufina arrived at that moment, and seeing Kevin's power could have turned to Ries next, she chose to sacrifice herself, separating Kevin from Ries as he attacked her. When Kevin came back to his senses, Rufina was holding him, and then died from the wounds he inflicted.

Ries chastises Kevin for not telling her before, and calls him out on wanting to be punished for it. At that moment, the Lord of Phantasma appears, confirming that Phantasma's Seventh Plane was made to punish Kevin according to his wishes, as Kevin reveals her identity as a copy of Rufina. Kevin accepts his fate to free the others, but Ries attacks the copy, claiming the real Rufina wouldn't act like this. In response, Rufina uses the Evil Eye on everyone as she opens a fissure to the Seventh Plane below Ries, telling Kevin his suffering would be that much greater if she were to suffer in his place.

Ries challenges Rufina to do her worst, prompting her to drop her into the fissure. Kevin suddenly breaks free of the Evil Eye with his Stigma before jumping into the fissure after Ries, landing in Gehenna.

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Aster House

Quests and Doors

  • Aster House: After completing the four trials of the Sixth Plane, Kevin and Ries arrive at the copy of Aster House.