Attack Affinities (攻撃属性) is a gameplay mechanic introduced in Trails of Cold Steel. It assigns a distinctive attribute to physical attacks and works together with the Combat Links.


The varied weapons wielded in battle by playable characters have affinities for dealing certain types of damage – Slashing, Piercing, Thrusting, and Striking. Enemies may have a weakness to one particular type of damage, and having the right character deliver a physical attack raises the chance of that enemy becoming "unbalanced," which opens them up to a free follow-up attack from their combat link partner.

Type Description Effective
Slash (Sen Attack Type).png Slash
The most versatile attack method by cuting and slicing Works on soft enemies, effective against plant-types
Pierce (Sen Attack Type).png Pierce
Gouging attacks by thrusting and penetrating Works on larger enemies, effective against fish-types
Thrust (Sen Attack Type).png Thrust
Hitting strikes with destructive impact. Effective against hard-shelled insects and large beasts
Thrust (Sen Attack Type).png Strike
Shooting attacks to subdue quick enemies Whether its avians, beast or bugs, any hard enemies with a blind spot
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