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Lady Aurier Vander (オリエ・ヴァンダール), also known as the Stormwatcher (風御前), is an instructor at the Vander school.



Aurier is a tall slender woman with long pale blue hair and lavender eyes. Her straight hair is tied back with an indigo bow, but two strands fall in front of her face. She wears a white long-sleeved shirt with purple and gold decorative patterns and a long skirt with two layers, one matching violet and one indigo. She also wears flat shoes and a fuchsia cravat with a sky blue gemstone brooch. Aurier uses a naginata in combat, with an ornate decorated blade and a green handle.


Aurier is a calm and collected individual who possesses keen insight. She is dutiful, carrying out the Vander's obligations to the country and possesses a firm resolve. She has a fierce reputation, with the students more afraid of her than even her husband.


Aurier is the second wife of Matteus Vander[1] and used to be called Stormwatcher before Kurt was born. Before marriage, she was a fan of blade dances.

Trails of Cold Steel III

Aurier is currently in charge of the Vander Training School in Heimdallr. She knows Laura S. Arseid who had stopped by to give some instruction as a temporary teacher. Although the role of the Vanders as the Imperial families guardians was taken from them, she still insists they must act as the country's blade. Aurier receives Kurt and new Class VII when they come to Heimdallr on their field exercise. They all head out to aid the bracers in the operation to locate and track down Calvardian agents located in the capital so that the Summer festival can go on ahead. She is the final opponent in Vantage Masters fought, having been introduced to the game through her students but in want of more challenging opponents.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Lady Aurier comes to the aid of Rean Schwarzer's party when she, Mueller and Zechs arrive at the Orchis Tower where they face off against McBurn. She states it would be a waste not to challenge a foe of McBurn's strength. The Vanders, including her husband are covering a large area and doing everything they can to help.

Trails into Reverie

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Aurier is present at the Erebonian martial arts tournament where she states he is interested to see who Zechs pairs up with. After commenting about wanting to see Zechs and Cassius Bright fight side by side, that is what transpires. Aurier herself teams up with Aurelia Le Guin and face off against Duvalie and Rean's team in the first round, losing and offer her congratulations. Aurier combined the Vander style with the 'Eastern Cleave Style'. Aurier invites Duvalie to join the Vander School.

Aurier offers her help to Rean's party when they visit the capital in search of clandestine elements of the military. They speak about Matteus's previous actions and she mentions that he wanted to instil a sense of fear that was more than necessary., but that he doesn't waste time on those he has no hope for and wanted to evaluate their strength. Aurier tells them what she knows of the increased movement in and out of the capital, yet stagnant atmosphere, and calls in another supporter, Elise Schwarzer whom Aurier has been training.

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Trails of Cold Steel III

Trails into Reverie


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