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Aurochs Fort (オーロックス砦) is a military installation located east of the Kreuzen provincial capital, Bareahard. It serves as the main base for the Kreuzen provincial army.


Trails of Cold Steel

Aurochs Fort is introduced in Trails of Cold Steel, Chapter 2: "The Verdant City" during Group A's field study to Bareahard where the group is tasked with exterminating a field monster as requested by the Provincial Army stationed at the fort.

After said extermination the group travels to the fort to report the accomplishment of the task. After reporting and leaving the fort security measures are set in motion as Millium Orion has infiltrated the fort as a task for the Intelligence Division fleeing using a flying doll afterwards.

Trails of Cold Steel II

When Rean's team arrives at the fort, they're met with Scarlet, in which Rean challenges and defeats her. Unlike Vulcan, Rean moves to save her by detaching the cockpit from the Soldat. Minutes later, Ordine pays a visit to Rean and Crow congratulates him on his first upgrade.

At the entrance, the team confronts Northern Jaegers, which proved to be more experienced fighters than the weaker jaeger droupouts that Rean's team had faced thus far. Sara temporarily backs down and lets the team ascend the fort, confronting Duvalie, McBurn and Helmut Albarea. Rean's team challenges Duvalie and 2 Sleipnirs, and defeats them.

Class VII puts Duke Albarea as well as Scarlet under house arrest, confining her to the Albarea mansion.


Aurochs Fort

Aurochs Canyon Path