Rean and absorbed Awakeners (Sen IV)

Rutger Claussell, Giliath Osborne, Arianrhod and Rean Schwarzer, Awakeners of Zector, Ishmelga, Argreion and Valimar, respectively.

An Awakener (起動者(ライザー)), known as a Riser in Japanese, is someone who pilots a Deus-Excellion and may have overcome a trial from the "shadow of the Great One".


If an Awakener were to die, their body will not decompose[1] but is revived as Immortal instead. Only when an Awakener loses a Rivalry and their Deus-Excellion's strength is absorbed, the Immortal Awakener will die.

When a Deus-Excellion is destroyed in battle, it takes time for them to regenerate.[2] Defeated Awakeners wind up as imperfect Nosferatu in most cases.[2] The area in which Class VII fights Loa Erebonius in Trails of Cold Steel is a graveyard of fallen Divine Knights and their Awakeners.[2]

List of known Awakeners

At present the following Divine Knights are known, sort by the order of appearance:

Colour Name Awakener(s)
Ashen ヴァリマール


Azure オルディーネ


Testa-Rossa (Sen III)
Vermillion テスタ=ロッサ


Zector (Sen III)
Palatinate ゼクトール


Algreion (Sen III)
Silver アルグレオン


Ishmelga (Sen III)
Black イシュメルガ


El-Prado - Introduction (Sen IV)
Gold El-Prado

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