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The Axis Pillar (アクシスピラー) is the central tower of the Liber Ark, from where the Aureole exerts its power.

Trails in the Sky SC


Welcome, my lovely, lovely bracers! I'm leaving this message here as, knowing your pig-headedness, you will eventually see it. Our little plan has entered its very last stage, and the true awakening of the Shining Ring is near. I dearly wish for you to see the moment... but just inviting you up would be a bit droll, wouldn't you agree?
So let us have a bit of sport here. My co-conspirators await you within the pillar. Should you manage to best them and reach the pinnacle, you shall behold the Aureole's resurrection. I eagerly await your arrival. Don't disappoint me!
P.S. Joshua, I am so very glad to hear that you've gotten together with your friends again. Don't you think you're being a bit of a cad in ignoring Loewe and Renne, though? I'm sure they'd love to say hello.

Georg Weissmann, Axis Pillar Station

The Axis Pillar is the tower that dominates the Liber Ark's skyline, being the operational center of its former government. The tower's function is that of an antenna: broadcasting the power of the Aureole to extreme ranges, estimated to be approximately 1000 selge, enough to cover the entirety of Liberl and part of southern Erebonia with its Orbal Shutdown Phenomenon. Inside, the tower is practically hollow, filled with liquid conductive medium, with sporadic external platforms and terminals.

Estelle and Joshua arrive after heading through the tunnels from Factoria Industrial Block. At the station, they're taunted by Weissmann, who has tampered with the terminal and challenges them to defeat the five Enforcers inside the Axis Pillar.

Bleublanc is the first Enforcer they face, who intends to steal away their hope of stopping Weissmann. After defeating him, Kloe and Olivier (if present) reaffirm the strength of bonds, which Bleublanc accepts. He wishes them success before teleporting away.

The next Enforcer waiting for them is Walter. Zin (if present) challenges him to a one-on-one fight after the group defeats him at first, demanding that Walter tells him their master's last words. Zin states that his training allows him to keep up with Walter despite being less talented, but Walter countered that their master thought Zin as the superior fighter, and wanted him to inherit the school. Walter had wanted to challenge Zin to a deathmatch for the school, but their master dueled with Walter instead, as Zin wouldn't want to go all out. Zin tells Walter of their master's terminal diagnosis, known just before his challenge, and that he chose to die against Walter to teach them a lesson, before both of them go all-in on a single strike against each other. Walter admits to Zin being the better of them before falling unconscious.

Next, they find Luciola, and Scherazard (if present) asks she fulfill her promise of telling her the reason behind her murder of Harvey. Luciola tells her how Harvey took on debts to prevent the troupe from resorting to extreme measures to survive, eventually deciding to leave the troupe to avoid having his debts bring them trouble, which Luciola took as a betrayal and pushed her to kill him. After defeating her and her specters, Scherazard tells her that despite her betrayal being worse, she couldn't hate her, making it hard for her to believe her reasoning. Luciola reveals she was in love with Harvey, but he only saw her as a daughter, and that her feelings were the real reason she was pushed to murder, before jumping off the edge of the Axis Pillar. Scherazard is able to catch her with her whip, and Luciola admits that she regretted leaving her before cutting the whip with her fan and fall to her apparent death.

Renne is the next Enforcer, who first of all demands that Estelle takes back her words on her being part of Ouroboros being wrong. Instead, Estelle tells her to stop acting spoiled, but that she's free to leave Ouroboros if she wants, enraging Renne. After defeating her and immobilizing Pater-Mater, Estelle disciplines and hugs her, asking her how she really feels about her. Renne asks to have some time alone before warning them of who is waiting at the pinnacle and activating Pater-Mater's boosters, flying away.

At the pinnacle of the Axis Pillar, they find Loewe, who calls out on Joshua's reason to fight. He answers that he wants to face the weakness that made him become a puppet to Weissmann, and after the group defeats him at first, Joshua engages Loewe by himself. While fighting, Joshua asks Loewe about his reason to join Weissmann, to which he answers that he wants humanity's weakness forcefully revealed to them, and to see how they answer. Joshua rebukes that he was able to see his weakness and fight on thanks to people like Karin or Estelle, and unleashes an assault that manages to disarm Loewe.

Loewe admits defeat and since his reason for helping Weissmann is gone, he reveals the Aureole and him are waiting at the Core Sector, but Weissmann appears and blasts Loewe unconscious. Weissmann activates Joshua's stigma, fully controlling him, before inviting the rest to the Core Sector to finish his experiment. Two Reverie Dragions appear to stop them, however the rest of the group catches up and gives Estelle the chance to head down on the elevator, where she has to fight another Reverie Dragion before reaching the Core.

After defeating Weissmann once and for all, Estelle and Joshua are left stranded when the east tunnels collapse in front of them. They head back to the Axis Pillar and enter the west tunnels, but again the tunnels collapse behind and in front of them, leaving them no choice but to fall.


Outside 1

Outside 2


2F A

2F B


4F A

4F B





Enemy Outside 1F 2F 3F 4F 5F 6F Pinnacle
Riot Claw Story
Solid Seeker Story
Armored Compe
D-G Diver
Dark Zone
Dimension Bug
Estrian Quatre
Fortune Coin W/ Armored Compe, Artiball, D-G Diver & Dark Zone
Knuckle Spider W/ Armored Compe W/ Armored Compe, Artiball, D-G Diver & Dark Zone
Weatherseed - 2 W/ Dimension Bug & Estrian Quatre W/ Dimension Bug & Estrian Quatre W/ Dimension Bug & Estrian Quatre W/ Dimension Bug & Estrian Quatre W/ Dimension Bug
Master Trapper Chest 7 Chest 20/33 Chest 39
Bleublanc (Enforcer X) - 2 Story
Balancing Clown - 4 Story
Walter (Enforcer VIII) - 2 Story
Shadow Cougar Story
Luciola (Enforcer VI) - 2 Story
Alraune - 2 Story
Jubokko - 2 Story
Zaqqum - 2 Story
Renne (Enforcer XV) - 2 Story
Pater-Mater - 2 Story
Loewe (Enforcer II) Story
Riot Saber Story
T.M. Dragion Story

Treasure Chests

Floor Key Contents Chest Quote
1F 1 Potion (Sora Item).png Reviving Balm I had saved some coffee for you, but then it was
taken in a mugging.
2 Potion (Sora Item).png Zeram Capsule Nothing in here but a couple of hairs. Gross...
3 Accessory (Sora Item).png Emergency Puppet How would you like it if some random chest
kept opening you?
4 Potion (Sora Item).png Tear All Balm I'll have you know that if you could take
multiple items from the same chest, the
economy would collapse.
5 Accessory (Sora Item).png Long Barrel III Nothing. Well, life is full of little disappointments.
6 Potion (Sora Item).png Tear All Balm Oh, no, it's a Mimic! Prepare for battle!
...Wait. No? False alarm.
7 Bo Staff (Sora Weapon).png Brave Staff Monsters: Master Trapper ×3
What you have taken from this chest, you
can never restore.
2F 8 Potion (Sora Item).png Celestial Balm There's nothing in the chest but spiders now.
They all stare at you and clap. Bravo.
9 Armour (Sora Item).png Jormungandr I had saved some coffee for you, but then it was
taken in a mugging.
10 Earth (Sora Sepith).pngWater (Sora Sepith).pngFire (Sora Sepith).pngWind (Sora Sepith).pngTime (Sora Sepith).pngSpace (Sora Sepith).pngMirage (Sora Sepith).png All sepith ×100 The chest is pleased that you have returned.
You can be its friends. Its special 'awake' friend.
11 Potion (Sora Item).png S-Tablet You gaze into the empty black void of the chest
and, for a fleeting moment, feel very small.
12 Potion (Sora Item).png EP Charge III As you open the chest, a number of trapped,
screaming souls come swirling out.
...That's probably normal.
13 Accessory (Sora Item).png Tiger Heart The chest is empty. You screams of
dissapointment resound off of its wooden walls.
14 Potion (Sora Item).png Curia Balm Looks like another open-and-shut case!
15 Potion (Sora Item).png Tear All Balm Sorry, better luck next time.
3F 16 Potion (Sora Item).png Tearal Balm Remember the stuff you took from here last time?
Yeah, the chest was TRYING to afford chest college.
Guess it has to start over again...
17 Potion (Sora Item).png Celestial Balm You obtain the Sword of the Ancient
God-Kings. Just kidding, it's empty.
18 Potion (Sora Item).png S-Tablet You briefly wonder how many jelly beans you
could fit in a treasure chest of this size.
19 Potion (Sora Item).png Curia Balm You wonder if you could use arts to turn this
chest into a small, wooden bathtub. Water would
probably fine. Fire to heat it, likely not.
4F 20 Boots (Sora Item).png Prometheus Monsters: Master Trapper ×3
This chest was once full of wondrous
treasures. Then you came along.
21 Accessory (Sora Item).png Shine Sphere Don't flip your lid...flip mine.
22 Accessory (Sora Item).png Lily Necklace This chest may not have anything in the way of
riches or possessions, but it's filled to the brim
with hope for the future and love for the world.
23 Potion (Sora Item).png EP Charge II There's nothing in this chest, but sometimes it's
good to pretend.
24 Potion (Sora Item).png Curia Balm It's empty, but if you put your head in here, you
can hear the ocean!
25 Potion (Sora Item).png S-Tablet Ugh... Must we go through this AGAIN?
26 Earth (Sora Sepith).pngWater (Sora Sepith).pngFire (Sora Sepith).pngWind (Sora Sepith).pngTime (Sora Sepith).pngSpace (Sora Sepith).pngMirage (Sora Sepith).png All sepith ×100 If you can read this...well.
27 Potion (Sora Item).png Curia Balm You imagine this chest as it once was,
brimming with treasure and full of delight.
You can hardly bear to look at it now.
28 Potion (Sora Item).png Celestial Balm E to the M to the P-T-Y.
29 Potion (Sora Item).png EP Charge III As you approach, the chest bursts open on its
own! Unfortunately, there's nothing inside.
30 Potion (Sora Item).png Reviving Balm This treasure chest is on strike until further
31 Potion (Sora Item).png EP Charge II I waited four years for this game and all I got
was this stupid chest message.
32 Potion (Sora Item).png EP Charge III There's nothing in this chest, but you imagine all
the things that COULD'VE been...
33 Armour (Sora Item).png Gaia Suit Monsters: Master Trapper ×3
As you look into the woodgrain of the empty
chest, you wonder how many chests could be
made out of a single tree.
5F 34 Potion (Sora Item).png S-Tablet Inside the empty chest is carved:
'Olivier is handsome.'
You briefly wonder if he put that there himself.
35 Potion (Sora Item).png Tear All Balm Nothing. Well, life is full of little disappointments.
36 Armour (Sora Item).png Armored Barbarossa Mind doing me a favor and not opening me up
37 Potion (Sora Item).png Tearal Balm Hey, you. Yeah, you. Stop reading all these chest
messages and get on with playing the game!
6F 38 Potion (Sora Item).png Insulating Tape An empty treasure chest. Full of promise
yet devoid of payoff. A perfect metaphor for me.
39 Twin Swords (Sora Weapon).png Aura Fencer Monsters: Master Trapper ×3
There's nothing in the chest, but the air
inside is strangely...humid.
40 Potion (Sora Item).png Curia Balm We're sorry; The fairies haven't restocked
this chest yet. Please come visit again soon.
41 Potion (Sora Item).png EP Charge III Somewhere out there is a person who started
playing Trails in the Sky Second Chapter before
the first game. I bet they're very confused.
42 Earth (Sora Sepith).pngWater (Sora Sepith).pngFire (Sora Sepith).pngWind (Sora Sepith).pngTime (Sora Sepith).pngSpace (Sora Sepith).pngMirage (Sora Sepith).png All sepith ×100 Back again? You might be the most desperate
hero I've ever met.
43 Potion (Sora Item).png Tear All Balm BREAKING NEWS! There is nothing in this chest.
More at eleven.
44 Armour (Sora Item).png Armored Sieglinde Hey, I know you had high hopes for this chest,
but it's empty. Don't worry about it, though!
Maybe the next one will have something great.



Axis Pillar Station Online Shop

Online Shop
Quartz Synthesis
Water (Sora Quartz).png Slot Upgrade (Sora Percent).pngSlot Upgrade (Sora Percent).pngSlot Upgrade (Sora Percent).png Water Gem Max HP+15% (Water (Sora Quartz).png HP 5) Water (Sora Sepith).png×1000
Wind (Sora Quartz).png Slot Upgrade (Sora Percent).pngSlot Upgrade (Sora Percent).pngSlot Upgrade (Sora Percent).png Wind Gem AGL+5 (Wind (Sora Quartz).png Evade 5) Wind (Sora Sepith).png×1000 Mirage (Sora Sepith).png×100
Wind (Sora Quartz).png Slot Upgrade (Sora Percent).pngSlot Upgrade (Sora Percent).pngSlot Upgrade (Sora Percent).png Wood Gem Prevent enemy arts and crafts with 30% success rate. (Wind (Sora Quartz).png Impede 5) Wind (Sora Sepith).png×1200 Space (Sora Sepith).pngMirage (Sora Sepith).png×850
Mirage (Sora Quartz).png Slot Upgrade (Sora Percent).pngSlot Upgrade (Sora Percent).pngSlot Upgrade (Sora Percent).png Mirage Gem DEX+25/AGL-5 (Mirage (Sora Quartz).png Hit 5) Mirage (Sora Sepith).png×1000


Themelios Core Sector


Only accessible from an elevator at the very pinnacle of the Axis Pillar, Themelios (テメリオス), meaning "foundation", is the Core Sector of the Liber Ark and the seat of the Aureole.

Estelle faces Weissmann and a controlled Joshua in front of the Aureole, taking form of a shining ring. Weissmann explains how the Liber Ark society were unable to use the unlimited power derived from the Aureole without falling into decadence, and how the current society will end up the same unless they evolve into beings with flawless logic undeterred by emotions, which he intends to use the Aureole to do.

Estelle refutes his argument, explaining how humanity had been able to survive by working together and helping each other, and how thanks to her mother's sacrifice, she was going to stop his plan, pitying his inability to feel empathy. Weissmann answers by immobilizing her partners with his Evil Eye and making Joshua attack her. Weissmann decides to have Joshua kill Estelle and undoing his control to have him break again, but on giving the order, Joshua instead attacks him, free from the Stigma. He reveals Cassius Bright had given him the idea to have Kevin set a way to break the Stigma if he was given a particular order, which he correctly predicted would be the worst thing he could have him do.

After defeating Weissmann, he fused with the Aureole, turning him into a grotesque giant angel-monster with an impenetrable barrier. However Loewe arrived on his Reverie Dragion and struck at the barrier. Loewe exposed Weissmann's involvement in the Hamel Tragedy, and after the latter confirms it, strikes at the barrier with Kernviter, his sword forged by the Divergent Laws, which manages to dispel the barrier, though he takes serious damage from Weissmann's attacks while doing so. With the barrier disabled, Estelle and Joshua are able to fight Angel Weissmann directly, defeating him.

Weissmann and the Aureole unfuse and the latter seems to disappear entirely, confusing Weissmann, who teleports away. Estelle and Joshua then go to Loewe (while Kevin sets off to the elevator if present), and say their goodbyes, as Loewe asks Estelle to take care of Joshua. The rest of the group catches up and convince Joshua to leave as the Liber Ark is starting to crumble now that its power source has disappeared.

Meanwhile inside the Axis Pillar, Weissmann, who hadn't been able to teleport far away, is confronted by Kevin. Kevin easily prevents the Evil Eye from affecting him, and reveals himself as the Fifth Dominion before shooting Weissmann with a stake made from the Salt Pale, killing him by turning him into salt. Campanella appears, though with no intention to fight Kevin, and recovers Weissmann's staff, which is revealed to have the Aureole stored inside, before disappearing.