The Azure-Zero Project ((あお)(ゼロ)計画(けいかく)) is a plan carried out by Mariabell Crois, Ian Grimwood and Arios MacLaine to use the power of the Treasure of Zero, the re-creation of the lost Sept-Terrion of Mirage that additionally gained governance over Time and Space, to re-write the history of Crossbell to make it more powerful than its neighbouring countries, Erebonia and Calvard.

The plan was originally drafted by the faction that gathered around the Sept-Terrion of Mirage, the Demiourgos. After the Demiourgos destroyed itself, these faction members, ancestors of the Crois family, started looking for ways to re-create the power of Demiourgos. They ultimately settled on alchemy. In order to have the centuries-long plan succeed, they created a homunculus and subsequently the D∴G Cult that worshipped the homunculus as their goddess. In the meanwhile, the Crois family dedicated themselves to banking to finance the plan.


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