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The Azure Tree (碧の大樹) is a supernatural phenomenon that appears in the Marshland of Blue, Crossbell in Trails to Azure.


The Azure Tree has been described in scriptures of the Septian Church as the "unexpected miracle".[1] It is comparable to the Salt Pale in that is an "result of a singularity".[2] Representatives of Ouroboros and the Septian Church liken the Azure Tree to the Salt Pale, with the former arguing it can be considered "an even greater unexpected miracle".[2]

The Azure Tree was spawned by completing the Sept-Terrion of Zero, granting it absolute control over space-time and the ability to rewrite the principles of causality​.[3]


The interior of the Azure Tree, referred to as the Sanctuary (神域), was modelled after thoughts projected by KeA. It is similar to the Orbal Network in structure, consolidating the laws of causality toward its core. As it heavily distorts the gravity around it, it is impossible to explore the interior using a ship, such as the Merkabah.[3]

Farthest End

Beyond the Territories is an elevator toward the Road to the Farthest End (最果てへの道), which leads to the location where the laws of causality converge, The Farthest (最果て). During the elevator ride, memories of KeA can be seen that include the past, present and future, such as the Imperial occupation of Crossbell. It interestingly also features a shot of Rufina Argent burning in flames, a still from the opening of Trails in the Sky the 3rd.


Within the Sanctuary, isolated worlds known as Territories (領域) are based on the thoughts of its hosts. This means that the Territories vastly differ from one another. Until the hosts of the Territories are defeated in battle, a barrier locks the entrance to the core of the Azure Tree.[3]

The following Territories appear within the Azure Tree:



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