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Baldur Orlando (バルデル・オルランド), also known as the War God (闘神(とうしん)), was the former leader of Red Constellation, one of the two largest Jaeger corps in Western Zemuria.


Baldur is described as relentless and mercilessness, and has been compared to a lion of steel.

He raised his son Randy to be a jaeger, but Randy left the profession. His younger brother Sigmund Orlando was the second-in-command of Red Constellation (and later became its leader after Baldur's death). Sigmund's daughter Shirley Orlando was also a high-ranking member. RC members Zach and Gareth also used to work as Baldur's right hand.

In S.1203, Baldur and his rival - Rutger Claussell, the leader of the other of the two largest corps in Western Zemuria (Zephyr) - decided to have a battle. The duel lasted for three days and three nights straight, after which both lose their lives.

It was later revealed that the duel had been orchestrated by Black Alberich, who would select the winner of the duel to become the Awakener of the Palatinate Divine Knight, Zector. A couple of years later, Alberich decided to revive Rutger to serve as Zector's Awakener.


  • The fight between Baldur and Rutger is reminiscent of the battle between Erebonia's primordial gods, as told through the first volume of the Black Records.
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