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Bareahard, the Verdant City (翡翠(ひすい)公都(こうと)バリアハート), is the capital of the Kreuzen Province. The city was established during the Middle Ages and has been ruled by the Albarea family, one of the Four Great Houses, ever since.


Most buildings in Bareahard are built in a similar architectural style with deep green roofs, earning it the alias of 'The Verdant City'.

The city has remained unchanged over the years, meaning that on the one hand the nobility is still in control over Bareahard while on the other hand the old cityscape has started to draw many tourists to Barehard.

The artisans of Bareahard's Artisans' Street create high-class products of the septium and fur the Kreuzen Province is known for and sell these throughout Zemuria.


Central Plaza

Bareahard Cathedral

Hotel Esmeralda

Sorciere Restaurant


  • Sophie (mother) and Vino (son)
  • Mrs. Previa
  • Baron Henzel
  • Merchant Baroc
  • Baron Caroline (father of Theresia)
  • Baron Wodan
  • Rogar
  • Hasan and Udiro (friends)
  • Richard (dog)

Noble District

Duke Albarea's mansion

Residence 1

  • Count Gorti
  • Butler Royce
  • Nora (Count Gorti's maid)

Residence 2

  • Baron Hancock (father)
  • Lorna (mother)
  • Suzanne (daughter)
  • Catel (son)
  • Heine (son)
  • Buttler Persimmon


  • Eva

Artisans' Street

Alouette Inn

  • Giolamo
  • Biske

Davos' Factory

  • Old Man Davos

Turner's Jewelers

  • Turner
  • Bruc

Valenty Tailoring

  • Letra
  • Gazel
  • Turi


  • Baron Poe (father) and Claris (daughter)
  • Maicel

Station Street

Bareahard Airport

  • Attendant Ramda

Bareahard Station

Christie's Galleria

  • Henderson & Co. General Goods: Henderson (owner) and Aloisa (clerk)
  • Club Lexington: Brash
  • Fortnum Books: Stan
  • Boutique - Camellia: Tanya
  • Tricolor Shoes: Gottsche


  • Saffron
  • Viscount Gehrig
  • Aselin and Viola (friends)
  • Butler Forster (Viola's butler)
  • Baron Oppel
  • Electra (Baron Oppel's maid)
  • Buttler Carrigan (Annabelle's butler)
  • Anette (sister) and Raby (brother)
  • Tourist Bengt


  • North Kreuzen Highway: A road north of Bareahard. It is a location for the quest Put a Ring on it and North Kreuzen Highway Monster.
  • South Kreuzen Highway
  • Aurochs Canyon: A winding canyon path that leads to Aurochs Fort. More tougher enemies roam this area, including the tough Fate Spinner, the target of the quest Aurochs Canyon Monster. It is the location where you can find Pink Salt for the quest Addicted to Bath Salts.
  • Bareahard Underground Waterway: The location where Rean leads Team A through in order to rescue Machias Regnitz from the Provincial Army. It is a large area that has three separate zones. Jusis Albarea gains his Crystal Saber S-Craft attack here.


Central Plaza

Noble District

Artisans' District

Station Street

Underground Waterway

Kreuzen Highway

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