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Bareahard Cathedral (バリアハート大聖堂(たいせいどう)) is the cathedral church of Bareahard. Dedicated to Saint Veronica, it is the seat of the Archbishop of Bareahard, currently Archbishop Amon. It is considered as the center of the Septian Church in the Kreuzen Province and sometimes Erebonia as a whole.

Many cardinals now serving at the High Seat in Arteria have once served at the Bareahard Cathedral.

To compensate for the difference in social standing between children of noble and commoner families, the Bareahard Cathedral carries out charity activities multiple times per month. With this, they enforce the idea that social standings are irrelevant for the belief in Aidios.


Saint Veronica

The remains of Saint Veronica are stored in the Bareahard Cathedral. It is believed that her prayers saved the city from a great tragedy during the Dark Ages. She still serves as a role model for many believers to the present day.

Saint Veronica's efforts inspired Sister Tatiana to abandon her position as a noble for the sake of helping others.

War of the Lions

During the War of the Lions, many people found shelter in the cathedral and painted the fresco on its walls to express their gratitude.

Erebonian Civil War

The black tears of St. Veronica during the Erebonian Civil War.

During the Erebonian Civil War, daily masses were held at the Bareahard Cathedral to ease the people's fears. The clergy noticed a strong increase of nobles attending.

The statue of St. Veronica located in the Central Plaza began to shed black tears, which were said to be a sign of a crisis in the world. By investigating the phemenon, Class VII found the tears were caused by a monster in the Bareahard Waterway, which had an adverse effect on the fountain's water causing the statue to melt.