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Beatrix (ベアトリクス), also known as the Reviver (死人返し(リヴァイバー)), is a former colonel in the Imperial Army and introduced as an instructor at the Thors Military Academy in Trails of Cold Steel.



Beatrix is an older woman with light brown hair, brown eyes and small spectacles. When acting as an instructor at Thors Military Academy, she wore a purple dress, shirt and tights with a white doctor's coat, purple cravat and a stethoscope around her neck.


Beatrix is a kind and compassionate person who takes her job very seriously. She is a patient, modest and understanding individual who has been through some terrible times in life during her time in the army. Beatrix is close friends with Fie Claussell and is aware of her napping habits. As such, Beatrix allows Fie to sleep in the infirmary whenever she wants to. She has also known Principal Vandyck for a long time, and as a Colonel she once served under him as General.

An elderly spectacled woman with short, combed blonde-gray hair and light blue eyes. She wears a long white doctor/nurse’s coat buckled down, a purple dress with two horizontal lines on the bottom edge, violet boots, a white collared shirt with a dark magenta tie with a red ruby jewel on the top middle collar area around the neck.


In her past, Beatrix used to be a colonel in the Imperial Army, the highest possible rank within for support, who carried the nickname "Reviver" due to her expertise with healing orbal arts. While operating for the medical corps of the Imperial Army of Erebonia, she would treat allies and enemies alike in war zones. She was also highly proficient with sniper rifles and made friends with Vandyck during this time.

During the Hundred Days War, she started to realise she became too old for active duty and retired.

Trails of Cold Steel

After quitting the army, she joined Thors Military Academy at Principal Vandyck's request. There, she instructed and took of care of the students finding new joys in life. But, when news of a invasion and a civil war came crashing at Trista's doors, Beatrix gladly took up her rifle again and helped to protect the town.

Trails of Cold Steel II

During the Erebonian Civil War, Beatrix stayed at Thors to help Vandyck protect the students. While there, she did what she could to help and plotted with Vandyck about possible counter-strategies against the army members who stayed in Trista.

After the Erebonian Civil War, she helped Class VII with their intensive courses and took part in a mock battle with them as her way of saying goodbye. She says that she doesn't normally take part in nonsense like this, but wants to make sure the principal didn't overexert himself. She also says it feels like 'bullying' students. She then saw off Class VII as each of their members went forward on their separate paths in life.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Beatrix is working with Klein during the Great War and is helping onboard the Ark Royal. In a call, she urges Rean not to worry about them.

Character Notes

Trails of Cold Steel

Instructor Beatrix
Beatrix Note (Sen).png
Academy Nurse (Medical Science)
A kindly instructor who is in charge of the infirmary. Has a mild bedside manner and is welcoming to all students.
Usually kind, but capable of giving off such an aura of intimidation that even Vice Principal Heinrich fears her.

Trails of Cold Steel II

Instructor Beatrix
Beatrix Note (Sen).png
Academy Nurse (Medical Science)
The kindly instructor in charge of the infirmary. Formerly a colonel in the Imperial Army known as 'Reviver.
The Hundred Days War which took place 12 years ago was one of the reasons that she left the army.
She and Principal Vandyck crashed the battles between Class VII and the upper class students and showed great power.


Craft (Sen Skill).png Delay Bullet
Craft (Sen Skill).png Snipe
Craft (Sen Skill).png First Aid
Craft (Sen Skill).png Revival