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Bennet (べネット) is a baker working at Morges Bakery in Crossbell City. She is the daughter of the eponymous baker.



Bennet is a young woman with long dark green hair and blue eyes. She wears a pink ribbon in her hair. She is usually seen wearing a black buttoned shirt with a matching pink ribbon around her collar and a long pink skirt with a black cross pattern. She also wears a white apron with a frilled strap.


Bennet is described a a 'pro' at making bread, and her father, Morges feels she is more than qualified to be calling the shots on what makes good bread in the bakery. She is extremely concerned with creating perfect breads, and is eager to outdo her rival Oscar, who she seemingly secretly harbours feelings for. She can get so passionate about bread that others describe her as having a lot of anxiety, even before the effects of the Erebonian Curse amplified them. Bennet seems dissatisfied with any bread she deems isn't perfect yet and is always eager to seek new inspiration.

Trails from/to Zero and Azure

Bennet works in Morges Bakery. The Special Support Section complete a mission helping Bennet, who is thinking hard about how to create the best bread. She had been too agitated to sleep, being on the verge of completing her newest creation. She had apparently challenged Oscar to a bake off on several times, but never had any success in besting him. Oscar does however think very highly of Bennet's bread. She is later amongst the women asked to take part in the charity pageant.

Trails of Cold Steel III and IV

Bennet is once again found in Morges Bakery in Crossbell City. She recognises Juna Crawford and wonders why she is dressed in a military academy uniform. She enlists New Class VII's help to help her create the 'Ultimate bread' for the bakery's 'creative bread' event. She had been annoyed that Oscar removed her contributions and was seeking to humiliate him by creating a fantastic new recipe. Class VII give her some recipes and after contributing several times, she comes up with a satisfactory recipe.

She later comes to Heimdallr as the summer festival celebration is underway, seemingly jealous of Oscar and his close working relationship with co-worker Philly in their new branch on Vesta Street. When the city is under attack from a horde of magic knights and Cryptids, Bennet tries to convince the others to seek shelter inside, but Oscar asks her to help him get others to safety.

Bennet returns to Morges Bakery in Crossbell City following the evacuation in the Great Twilight. She states that she needs to discuss the new bread with Oscar before he leaves for his draft into the army as a frontline chef. Later on, Bennet is still conflicted over how to create the best bread- a conflict that the Erebonian Curse takes advantage of. She comes to a breakthrough when she realises who she makes bread for. Morges declares Bennet's bread as the winner of the competition. She runs away and blushes, implying she has feelings for Oscar.

Trails into Reverie

After the takeover of the city by Supreme Leader Rufus Albarea, Bennet is helping to clear the shop. It is clear that the curse is affecting her and giving her lots of anxiety as she muses that Supreme leader Rufus may be needed to ensure peace. She tries to convince her dad to this point of view and gets upset when she is unsuccessful. After helping Oscar to bake some natural bellberry bread- the first thing Bennet taught Oscar, the SSS finally manage to get through to her and Oscar pledges to take the bakery forwards together with her. Bennet later states she got that way just out of concern for wanting to do something for Oscar but now feels like she knows exactly what to do and puts her faith in him.